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Airport FBOs: What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

An FBO is not solely reserved for the rich and famous. In fact, an FBO is open to any member of the public that chooses to use a private charter flight service. So yes, this means that an FBO is more of a private facility. However, they are easily accessible to most people, depending on the type of flight you're catching. Ever wondered where private jets land and take off from? Learn more about airport FBOs in this blog post.

What Exactly Is an FBO? 
An FBO, also known as a fixed base operator, is generally found at all main airports. Some larger airports play host to more than one FBO, while smaller airports may only have one designated FBO.
When it comes to the logistics and services offered by a private charter jet company, an FBO plays an integral role.

Generally, an FBO refers directly to the private charter services available at an airport, including a small VIP lounge within the airport terminal.
In larger airports, an FBO refers to a far larger facility constructed specifically for jet usage, refueling, maintenance, crew facilities, and passenger comfort.

An FBO is not always easy to locate at most airports -- and this is for security reasons. When you book a private charter flight, you'll be given the direct address at the airport of the company's chosen FBO facility.

Your best FBO experience will include a plethora of services that you'd expect when booking a private charter jet flight. Just some of these are:

A warm and welcoming greeting from the reception desk at the FBO
A personal greeting by the captain of the private jet you'll be flying in
A comfortable waiting area equipped with luxurious seating
Complimentary Wi-Fi access, light refreshments, and full bathroom facilities
A luxury concierge, hotel rooms, and conference rooms are common with larger FBOs

Many FBOs also make provisions for those flying with small children and pets. You won't be able to skip security and passport control. However, there is a private service offered for quick and unobtrusive passport checks.

Bear in mind that the point of an FBO is to move you from the airport to the aircraft as quickly as possible. This makes for a speedy and stress-free travel experience.

The Many Benefits of Airport FBOs 
The benefits of an airport FBO are not just relevant to private charter flight customers, but also private charter companies, too.

1. World-Class Customer Service
There's no denying that one of the best parts of an FBO experience is the customer service. The goal is to ensure a smooth and simple operation for both the flight customers and charter companies that pass through the FBO.

It's no secret that airports can be frenetic, stressful, and complex places for both passengers and charter businesses. An FBO aims to navigate issues related to business requirements, government regulations, passport control, and more.

To add to this, an FBO service offers fueling, food services, and flight crew amenities for all charter companies. Essentially, it's a one-stop-shop service that's efficient and convenient.

2. Better Fuel Prices
Other than onsite refueling facilities, you can also find some of the best fuel prices through an airport FBO. It's well-known that fuel prices tend to vary between airports and operators. An FBO helps to cut out the middle man and handles all of this for your charter business.

An FBO checks the most recent fuel prices and offers them at a reasonable rate. If you can find an even better price, an FBO will most likely match it. They also offer fuel rebates and other loyalty programs to regular charter business.

3. High-Quality Food Service
Most FBOs offer a one-up on regular airport food. In fact, you can find some of the best quality food, snacks, and beverages offered by an FBO.

Guests and aircraft crew have access to complimentary coffee and snack bars. While larger FBOs even offer table service and full kitchen facilities for aircraft crew. For special dietary requests, most FBOs are happy to cater to your needs.

4. Top-Notch Crew Amenities
FBOs know that a happy crew makes for the best private charter flight experience for customers. They also know that for the smoothest flight operation, the crew must stay as close to the airport as possible in their downtime.

With this in mind, FBOs provide a full range of crew amenities onsite so that crew members rarely ever need to leave the FBO at all. This includes kitchen, dining, bathing, and relaxation amenities.

5. Aircraft Hangaring and Tie-Down Services
Many larger FBOs provide full aircraft hangers and tie-down services for private charter companies. This means you have direct access to high-quality aircraft storage -- for both long and short-term periods.

FBOs adhere to strict local regulations to ensure aircraft are tied down and secure at all times. They offer a level of security for peace-of-mind that your aircraft is in the best place during your downtime.

6. Aircraft Management and Maintenance Services
You can also find some of the best charter management services offered by airport FBOs. This means that the performance and ROI of your charter business is tracked and analyzed by a group of reliable professionals. They also manage rules and regulations regarding aircraft fleets, taking away this stress from aircraft owners. They'll be responsible for the use and maintenance of all of the necessary equipment (such as a ground power unit) and will take care of all of the mechanical issues on your behalf. 

Along with this, FBOs offer full maintenance facilities and services for all charter airplanes.

7. Airport Affiliations
Finally, some of the best FBOs have associations with other domestic and international airports.
This makes for better business transactions between airports and charter businesses. It also helps charter businesses establish safe and strategic flight routes for better business outcomes and safe travels.

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We hope you found this blog post on airport FBOs insightful and useful. The next time you catch a private charter flight, you'll know a little more about how it all operates!

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