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Activities For Children In Isolation: Brilliant Budget Ideas

2020 has presented us all with very new challenges to overcome as we find ourselves isolated at home with our families. With schools such down and lockdown taking place worldwide in a bid to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, many parents are getting experimental with tackling their children’s boredom. 

Budgets are strained understandably so as a result of the current economic climate. But, though you may not have the cash to splash to entertain the kids, there are a number of ways to bring about plenty of fun for the children at home and we’re about to show you some ideas! 

Arts and Crafts

There are so many cheap arts and crafts activities that you can do with your child or children, simply just using things that you find in your home. Here are a few awesome examples: 

Polymer clay sculpting - polymer clay is very cheap to buy in Polymer Chemistry and provides hours of explorative sculpting. Why not make some silly, colorful faces that can be later made into badges or have a go at creating your favorite animal? The soft material is easy to work with and comes in a variety of different colors. It’s a great option if you want to break away from regular painting and drawing activities. Kids will have the opportunity to use their imagination and attention to detail skills too. 

Toilet roll tube binoculars - all you’ll need for this art activity is a pair of toilet roll tubes, some glue, and decorative paints. Unleash your child’s explorative side with a pair of DIY binoculars. This inexpensive craft idea is great for 2-in-1 creating and playing. 

Rainbows using paper plates - many families are putting rainbows in their windows which has become a growing trend in response to keeping safe and healthy during COVID-19. If you have any paper plates leftover in the house from old parties, cut them in half for perfect rainbow templates to color in and decorate. 

Aqua doodle matt - the aqua matt is a cheap and cheerful way to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. You can find them available to buy from many online retailers and all that’s needed to get going is water! The pens can be filled to draw onto the matt and after a little while, the doodles magically disappear. Take the matt outdoors or sit indoors and play, there are endless images to draw together. 

Storytelling and Books 

Perhaps you’ve decided that your kids should still be focussing on their storytelling and reading efforts while not in school. Although they’ve probably been given heaps of homework to get through, here are some other fantastic ways to get little ones involved with storytelling, reading, and writing: 

Have a book reading marathon - everybody loves a challenge, no matter their age. Why not gather up your children’s books and set up a book reading marathon. You can do this by having them read a book to you a day or, see how many books they can get through in a week. 

Write a story together - writing can be a great activity for our minds and allowing your child to write a story can rally get their imaginative juices flowing. They can work on developing characters, a plot and practice their writing skills too. This is a great parent and child project and it can be done over the long-term. 

Out In The Garden

If you have an outdoor space such as a garden, yard or balcony, there are so many fun activities that your children can get busy with. While we are advised to stay indoors at the moment, this doesn’t stop you from utilizing your outdoor space and ensuring that your child learns at home. Here are some of our top ideas:

A minibeast hunt - there are lots of creepy crawlies in the garden to observe and bugs can be fascinating to look closely at. Why not consider getting a pocket microscope to inspect the different bugs in your own garden? Make an itinerary for the ultimate minibeast hunt and give your child or children something fun to do while learning in their own gardens.

Natural art - you can collect fallen leaves, acorns and other things in the garden to make some awesome art with your little ones. All you’ll need is some paper and colored pencils to do some texture rubbings or, try dipping them into paint and stamping to make greetings cards too! 

Grow some herbs or a plant -  for this activity, you’ll need some seeds, a plant pot, and compost to grow a plant of your child’s choice. To add an extra educational element to this activity, why not introduce some schooling from home? You could create worksheets teaching a child about the different stages of plant growth, or how they use photosynthesis for example. 

Make an animal using LEGO -  once you’ve set up a minibeast hunt in your garden, why not use this as inspiration to build LEGO animals? If you already have LEGO in your home, challenge your child or children to create something inspired by nature. From butterflies to badgers, there are plenty of cool creatures outside! 

Treasure hunt games - If you looking for fun things to do with your kids at home, why not send them on a Treasure hunt! The participants will often have to solve a series of riddles that give clues to the locations of the items. This game is intelligent, educational, and enjoyable for all ages.

You can find further toys and craft activities to tackle family boredom over on starwalkkids.com/. Whether you want to stock up on some brand new LEGO sets and see what options are out there, or fancy checking out fun things for children to do in multiple child households, there’s something for everyone. 

It’s especially important to ensure that your child is still learning while at home with schools being shut. Help them to develop their skills by teaching from home with an exciting range of fun activities that won’t break the bank! 

Arts, crafts, storytelling and writing all make excellent cheap options that you can really vary to keep little ones engaged. And, there are so many toys out there that place emphasis on kid’s developing their skills. Dig in and find the inspiration you need above to tackle your child’s boredom at home.

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