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3 Space-Saving Tips For Your Tiny House

There has been a massive boom in the popularity of tiny houses. It’s because more and more people are going for the minimalist lifestyle. Getting a small house is part of that movement. But for a little house, making more space is vital. Nobody would want to live in a tight, cramped area. The trick is to make more floor space from storage and proper area usage.

Living in a tiny house is no laughing matter. If you get the formula wrong, it may cause extreme discomfort. There are even small homes that are as big as a portable garage. With all that small space, some homeowners can feel free in that little area. You can utilize some of these tips to make your tiny home experience a fun one!

When you make the transition into a minimalistic and tiny home, you do not need to change who you are as a person! You can bring all of the things that give you joy and passion with you. Just remember to be smart in terms of finding a place to store those items.

Add More Cabinets

Adding more storage solutions like cabinets and shelves can be a huge help. The reason is that these beautiful and functional things help you to stay organized. You can either buy storage cabinets that give off a furniture feel. You can also make one from scratch to give it a more personalized feel.

For a tiny home, staying organized is vital. You would not want to have any of your stuff all cluttered in your home. An unorganized home could take up space that should be for functional use. For example, having your books in some random parts of the kitchen would mean chaos. Purchase or create a storage cabinet to keep your knick-knacks where they should belong.

You can also opt for a metal storage cabinet. The reason why metal cabinets are an excellent storage solution is because of durability. Now you can store your storage baskets in a sturdy stash. Metal cabinets also come cheaper than the wood ones. Whether you buy a metal or wood cabinet, it is a great feeling to know you have options.

Try A Loft Setup

A loft setup can be a great idea to create more space in a tiny home. A loft in a small house can make more efficient use of whatever space you have. The reason is that you can easily use one single space and turn it into space with two different functions. Generating additional floor area can be vital in a tiny home setup.

There are a lot of functions that a loft can bring into a tiny home. You can easily squeeze in your sleeping area above your kitchen, for example. But a loft setup is not limited to these two things! You can easily be creative and find more ways to use a loft to your advantage.

A loft can pass as multi-functional furniture. A loft setup can bring tons of potential in terms of space efficiency and even aesthetics. It is impossible not to marvel at lofts and how creative these things look. You can also easily personalize this piece of functional marvel!

Use Windows To Your Advantage

You are probably wondering how a window would generate more space? To be honest, it does not. What windows can do is give your house the illusion of space by letting in tons of natural light. It can be like tricking your eye into thinking that your space is larger than it is! You’ll be less stressed about the possibility of living in a small space because your eyes just can’t see it. 

The important thing is living in a tiny home is to feel comfortable. Having bright light come into your house can give off a charming accent to an already intimate home. You can never go wrong with using tons of natural sunlight as part of the aesthetic of your tiny house.

You can easily pair full windows that give off natural light with paint, furniture, and more. Have bright colors as a way to complement that natural light. A lively vibe to a tiny home can make any homeowner comfortable and happy.


The important thing is living in a tiny home is to maximize the space. Always be efficient in your storage, furniture choices, and aesthetic ideas. You should always keep in mind that living in a tiny home should not feel tight and cramped up.

You can use the tips mentioned above to make your tiny home experience a happy, fun, and satisfying one!

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