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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Remaining (mostly) Optimistic

Happy Saturday, friends! I know that these past few weeks have been....well, chaotic will have to do since I cannot think of a word that accurately fits this entire situation. I CAN think of a bunch of very impolite words I've been mumbling to myself over the course of these last few weeks, but I won't share them here. Chances are you've been mumbling a few of these words to yourselves and you already know them. 

Before all of this commotion (not to downplay anything, I'm just refusing to use those "keywords" we've been seeing everywhere) we were using weekends to connect and get out of the house to do things as a family. Sometimes they were fun things and other times just run of the mill errands. After 2 weeks of being (mostly) at home, the weekends have taken a hit as far as the activities we are able to participate in. I even miss trips to the grocery store! 
Thankfully, we are still able to be together and use the time to connect as a family. 

I'm doing my best to look on the bright side of things and remain optimistic. It's been a pretty big challenge, but I feel like I am handling it pretty well. I know how fortunate I am that we have the tools we need that allow me to work from home and the girls to continue with their learning. We are blessed that Matt is still working while my day job has ended temporarily. We are truly lucky that we get to stay safe at home together. 

I know things have been really bizarre, but I'd love to hear about some of the positive things you've been focusing on to help you remain optimistic. Leave a comment below or catch up with me on the MBP Facebook Page @MommysBlockParty.

Have a splendid Saturday!

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