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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- I'm a Mommy On the Edge!

Happy Saturday, friends. We are currently on the second day of our weekend. Our superintendent made the call Thursday night- effective immediately, schools will be closed through at least March 20th. I'm all for long weekends, but I'm not comfortable with the reasoning behind this closing. 

Since other districts had been closing, I was anticipating the call. Once it was received and the initial excitement wore off (hey, I love any extra time with my girls), I started to feel a little worried. My mind was all over the place and to calm myself, I tried filling it with as much information as possible. There is just a small problem, I am not a medical professional and there is SO MUCH being shared, I can't process it all. 

I am going back and forth with believing everything is and will continue to be just fine and imagining worst-case scenarios. My imagination can be pretty hard to wrangle, but I am working at keeping my focus on the fact that we are healthy and have everything we need. Well, everything with the exception of a few grocery items, which I'm hoping to pick up without a problem in just a little while. 

Overall, I'm trying to remember that I am really fortunate to be able to stay home with my girls. We are lucky that our district has implemented plans for a "continuation of learning" at home and for feeding those students who rely on school breakfast and lunch daily. We are blessed to have the things we do and access to the things we need.

Today, if I feel I am getting too worried, I will recite Matthew 6:27 to myself: " Which of You by Worrying Can Add One Cubit to His Stature".  What are some things you do to calm yourself down when you are really worried and anxious about something? Let me know in the comments and be sure to come chat with me and the rest of the MBP team on our Facebook Page

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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