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Top Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Medspa Treatment

Gone are the days when you had to rely on painful cosmetic procedures to look and feel younger. Recent advancements in the beauty industry have significantly increased the popularity of non-invasive alternatives such as medspa treatments. Medspas are run by certified professionals and offer a comprehensive list of cosmetic services, including vein treatments, chemical peels, laser hair removals, facial treatments, and laser skin rejuvenation among others.

Like any other cosmetic treatment out there, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you should be aware of to get the most out of a medspa treatment.


Drink plenty of water
It is advisable to drink plenty of water before going for a medspa treatment as well as after the procedure. If you used steam rooms and saunas, for instance, your body definitely lost a lot of water. And lack of enough water in the body can make you nauseous and dizzy, so ensure that your body is well hydrated by taking plenty of water. Taking water will also help you get rid of potential toxins once you’ve completed your treatment.

Shower before going for a medspa treatment 
Before a medspa procedure, it is critical to be clean and look presentable. Remember that somebody else will be handling the treatment, so it is courteous and human to shower and just keep your body in good shape. Taking a shower also helps to cleanse your skin and eliminate oils and dirt, which can go a long way in maximizing the benefits of your treatment. Putting your body in good shape also entails doing the usual things like trimming your nails and shaving your legs.

Brief the esthetician about your medical conditions 
Like other medical procedures, there are certain conditions that should be considered in any medspa treatment to ensure that patients remain safe and get optimum results. Some health conditions may interact with particular medspa procedures and there are certain skin care treatments that should not be performed on pregnant women. Lifestyle choices and patient’s medical history may also disqualify patients as candidates for particular treatments. So, if your esthetician asks you about your medical condition or history, you should understand that they are asking so that they can design the best treatment for you. Be forthright with your answers.

Choose the right spa treatment
The most common spa treatments are massage, manicure, pedicure, body treatments, and facial treatment. Choose a treatment based on your goals. If you want to get rid of muscle tension, for instance, you can go for a massage. On the other hand, if you want to deep-cleanse your face and soften your skin, facial and body treatment will suffice.

You may also combine services if you are looking for something more comprehensive. For instance, you can combine a facial and massage or body treatment and massage. Other facilities like Scottsdale renew stem cell and laser medspa also offer high-end treatments that may help you take the health of your skin and body to another level. Ask the esthetician to help you choose what is best for your body or skin.


Don’t wear make-up
For your medspa treatment to be effective, you should allow your skin to breathe. Wearing makeup will congest your skin and can lead to skin breakout, especially if your body is sweating. So, ensure that you remove the makeup and clean your face before going for a medspa procedure.  This will ensure that any product used during the facial procedure penetrates your skin without being blocked by dirt. Don’t worry about how you will look without makeup as other patients will also be barefaced.

Avoid sun exposure 
Prolonged exposure to the sun after a medspa treatment may make your skin sensitive. It is also very dehydrating. So, it is advisable to avoid sun exposure on the day of the treatment as well as after the procedure. And if you have to expose your skin to the sun for long, wear high-SPF sunscreens.

Don’t wear jewelry 
Jewelry will get in the way when procedures like massage are being performed. So, avoid wearing any form of jewelry when you are going for a medspa treatment. But if you forget to remove some of your jewelry, most medspa facilities have storage area which you can use. Always remember that the easier you make the esthetician’s job, the more effective your treatment will be.

Final Thoughts 
Medspa procedures are meant to be refreshing and most facilities’ staff are always ready to do everything to ensure that you feel welcome. Keep the above-highlighted Do’s and Don’ts in mind so that you can get the most out of your procedure. And if you are not comfortable with one facility or how a given procedure is carried, you can always consider other options. That said, there are instances when you might be wrong about a procedure, so strive to ask questions and address any uncertainty that you may have upfront.

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