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Tips for Finding Peace and Quiet as a Parent


For parents of young children, it can often seem like there's very little peace and quiet in your home. You're years away from sleepless nights, but now your young children rush around the house playing and having fun or arguing when the games go wrong. 

Of course, no parent wants their children to be bored. That chaos and noise is the sound of them learning and playing, starting friendships, and having fun. But there are a few things you can do to minimize the noise elsewhere in your home, so you can rest a little as the chaos carries on. 

Here are a few handy tips that we've come up with!

Playroom/Play Area

Consider converting a room in your house into a place specifically for your children to play. This is a great way to keep them contained without forcing them to stay silent.

Providing your kids and their friends with a specific place to play — kitted out with all their favorite games, for instance — keeps them in one area of the house. So, even while your kids are having their fun, you might be able to find a bit of peace and tranquility, too.

In the summer, encouraging them to play in the yard or garden is another excellent idea. It's an easy way for you to step in and out whenever you need a break but also keep an eye on them through the window.

Quiet Appliances

After a tiring day looking after the kids, the evenings are your time to decompress and relax. Often, though, on busy days, you haven't been able to get round to chores such as washing laundry and doing the dishes. Dishwashers and washing machines and dryers disturb the quiet at night time, leaving your tranquility ever more elusive. 

Maybe you've tried soundproofing some of your rooms, and you've recently installed a quiet dishwasher (or if you're in the market for one of those, check them out over here).

But, with all the information that suppliers and reviewers put out there for appliances, it is possible to shop around for quieter appliances. 

Look out for any information on the decibel range for dishwashers and washing machines. If you are looking for a new one or thinking about redesigning the house as your family grows up and expands, considering the noise your appliances generate is an underrated value.

Turn it Off When Your Kids Turn It Up

The loud noise can often perpetuate more loud noise. If the TV and radio are on and the dishwasher is going, either your kids will be speaking and yelling louder to make themselves heard, or all that noise together can become overwhelming. 

When the kids are loud and having fun, we often neglect the background noise that is carrying on around them, and we don't realize the effect that this is having. 

If your noisy house is stopping you from concentrating or it is making you anxious, cut out all the background sounds. Turn off the TV, radio, and any appliances that are on so that the only sounds left are those of your children playing in the house. 

Island of Tranquility

In the same way that a playroom or play area can keep the noise limited to one area, you can cultivate a space in the home instead as a quiet refuge to relax while the kids play. 

This could be a study where you or your partner work and read or a greenhouse in the garden. Instead of trying to beat the noise, you can try to remove yourself from it.

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