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The Positive Behind the Pandemic

There is so much going on in the world the last few weeks and as we watch the news or log into social media, we continue to only see the negative aspects of this pandemic.  Not always the optimist, but there are some good things happening, despite the chaos that we are all thrown into.  I wanted to take the time out to point them out so we don't focus on all that negativity.

This is a scary time and no one could have predicted what we would be going through, but as a parent, we have an obligation to our children to protect them from being scared while preparing them for changes in their every day lives.  I am going to admit it, I am terrified of what is going on, but I have to be strong and not give in to that fear.  So, I look for what is good or positive in the situation.   

Before all this happened, we complained about not having time to do things around the house, we were missing time with our families, and we were overwhelmed with work.  Right now we are being given the time we need to fix that leaky faucet, make memories with our children, and take a break from work.  It may not be the best time and there are some of us that will struggle from lack of income, but this is the time we rely on our neighbors to help.  The world is full of good people that are willing to help.  Now is the time to not be afraid to ask for help.

I have been reading a lot of news stories that focus on what is going on globally.  I have seen loved ones visit their relatives in care facilities and sit outside since they cannot come in, just to make sure their loved ones felt loved and appreciated.  I have seen celebrities, give free concerts via video so that their fans would be entertained.  I have seen major corporations donating monies, items, and time to help support the efforts to fight this virus.  

Standing together is what the world needs more of.  Keep looking for the positives.  They are out there.  Share with us what you have done to keep positive.  What stories have helped you keep positive?



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