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Natural Remedies For Eliminating Unwanted Pest

We all want to live in a pest-free home. This even extends to almost every business owner who wants to keep pests off their property. The presence of unwanted bugs and insects isn’t appealing. For those that find that they are dealing with one or two bugs, it might not be that big of an issue. However, those that are frightened or hate bugs, in general, might think that two bugs are too many.

Are Natural Remedies Really That Effective?

Short answer, yes. Some remedies, like essential oils, can deter pests from choosing your property. While natural remedies are useful for getting rid of a rogue insect or a small cluster, and active infestation might not react in the same manner. It is always advised that if you are having a recurring issue with pests like roaches, bees, ants, or even a rodent issue that you contact your local pest controller. There is no replacement for professional pest control treatments when talking about long term effectiveness.

The Downsides of All-Natural Solutions

The one downside to using natural remedies is they will lose effectiveness over time. The area you are treating, and the bugs that are around will get adapted to what you are using. This could mean you’ll need to change up what you are using, or go with a chemical treatment anyway. In this article, we will go over some of the natural remedies you can use both around your home or office space to deter bugs.

Conventional All-Natural Methods For Pest Control

Going all-natural is awesome. Natural remedies protect those around you, including pets, and not to mention better for the environment. With the elimination of propellants and chemicals that could be harmful, it’s no wonder more and more households are opting for the natural way of controlling bugs, insects, and other unwanted creepy crawlies. Take a look at a few of the most popular options for use around the home.

White Distilled Vinegar

If you are looking for something to control bees or wasps around your yard, using a white distilled vinegar spray might do the trick. You can dilute the vinegar with one part water to 3 parts vinegar. While it might be tempting to swap for apple cider vinegar, white distilled is prepared. Apple cider vinegar has a sweetness that can attract bugs.


Rosemary is not only something you can season your favorite dishes with, but it can also repel insects, spiders, and bugs. Most homeowners will either grow the herb or purchase the essential oils. Either option will work as the smell is what deters pests. Some pest control companies that offer all-natural sprays have rosemary essential oils in the formula.

Aloe Vera

Planting some aloe vera plants in the yard can keep pests at bay too. Consider putting closer to the home, and around the entrances for the best effect. Aloe vera is an easy plant to grow and care for, Being from the succulent family, aloe vera requires very little water and a whole lot of sunshine.

The Best Choice For A Pest-Free Property

If you want the reassurance that pests won’t be a problem in your home, choosing a safe chemical treatment from your local pest controller is the best solution. Most chemical pesticides used by the professionals are entirely safe around humans and pets but have a considerable morbidity rate against unwanted pests.

It is not advised to use over the counter products you can pick up at the store. These are littered with chemicals that can be potentially dangerous if inhaled and bad for the environment. If you are struggling with an active infestation, contact your local pest control for assistance if natural remedies fail.

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