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Mozy Makes Recess Warm! #MBPSPRING20

Thanks to Mozy for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

I can't wait to tell you guys about the Mozy.  It is a dream come true for teachers who have to be outside for recess.  You know the kids don't mind the cold, but us teachers freeze!  I thought the Mozy was going to be to good to be true, but I was wrong!

The Mozy is the perfect item to take with you anytime you are going to be outside in the cold.  I had planned to use it at Aiden's sporting events and can't wait to do that.  We are here in NC and we have been having all 4 seasons in one day lately. We happened to have a really cold and windy but beautiful day recently and it was the perfect day for the Mozy.  My sweet friend and co-worker, Melissa is always very cold and can usually be found wrapped in a blanket on the playground during recess.  I had told her all about the Mozy and she was excited to check it out.  I told her it was going to be a life-changer for her.  We opened the box together and checked it out.  It is so easy to put on and be able to still be mobile.  Melissa was freezing when she put the Mozy on and she could immediately feel the warmth.  It did a great job at blocking the wind that was brutal this day.  She warmed up and was able to adjust the Velcro on the Mozy to open it up a little.  That is the adjustable warmth part.  You can wear it Velcroed from waist to ankle and adjust as needed.  There are plenty of pockets and she was able to have everything she needed to have right where she needed it.  

We are excited to open this and try it out.

Melissa is easily able to walk around while wearing the Mozy.

There are openings that you can adjust for warmth.

Melissa loves the Mozy and we will be keeping one in our classroom for our cold recess days!  Some of our other co-workers saw her modeling it and were interested in learning more about the Mozy.  Another sweet friend and co-worker, Lizzy lives on the lake and wanted to try the Mozy out over the weekend.  Lizzy spends lots of time outside and out on the water in a boat and said blankets are so bulky and hard to move around in while on the boat so she wanted to take the Mozy home and try it out.

Lizzy outside on a beautiful, chilly evening warm and snug in the Mozy.

Looking good and staying cozy.

So much easier than a big bulky blanket.

Sweet Anelise loves the Mozy too.

Lizzy gave the Mozy a try on an evening by the fire.  She said it was very comfortable and made it easy to be outside after the sun went down.  She knows that it would be perfect out on the boat also.  She has 2 precious little girls who also loved the Mozy and she may have to get one for everyone in the family.

We think the Mozy should be on our school supply list and each teacher should have one in their classroom.  I can't wait until the next outdoor sports season rolls around and I can really put the Mozy to use.  It's almost Spring here but we still have some chilly days here in NC.  

Mobile + Cozy = Mozy

The patent-pending, engineered design of the wrap features Sustained Heat Retention™ to prevent convective heat loss and keeps body temperatures from dropping in the cold or windy weather. The durable outer shell material and fleece-lined interior with concealed elastics helps hug Mozy close to your body.

As weather conditions can often change at a moment’s notice, Mozy’s Infinitely Adjustable Warmth™ gives you the ability to quickly adjust your level of warmth while you wear it. You can choose to wear Mozy at your waist, you can seal it halfway down, or you can fasten it snuggly all the way to your shoes. Choose how warm you want to be.

Made of tightly woven, treated, heavy-duty 200 Denier Nylon, Mozy is water resistant and windproof — your wrap will keep you warm and dry making Mozy the best sideline companion. Now, sitting outside in the rain, snow or sleet at your child’s game is much more tolerable. 

Fit what you want, where you want it. Featuring three easy-to-reach pockets and a carabiner clip, Mozy can secure all your outdoor essentials: water bottles, cell phones, snacks, wipes, hats, gloves, glasses and more!

When it’s time to pack up your outdoor gear, don’t worry about finding a bag for Mozy. Your wrap actually packs into its own pocket for quick and easy storage. Mozy’s self-storage pocket also features a shoulder strap for easy carry.

Don’t worry if your child spills Gatorade in your lap or if your sideline spot is directly in the mud. Mozy can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dried on low.

Want it?  Get it!
Mozy is a brand new product and you can be one of the first to have one of your own.  Head over to the website and place your order now.  You can also check out the Mozy featured in our Spring Style Guide.

Special thanks to Mozy for allowing me to share with our readers.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  And thanks also to my sweet friends for helping me with this feature.

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