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Molekule Air Purifier Review – Is It the Best Air Purifier in the Market?

The air we breathe around our home may not always be clean. Therefore, you may need to clean it, especially if some of your family members have health issues such as allergies. While many air purifiers for allergies in the market use HEPA technology, Molekule air purifier is a total game-changer. Molekule air purifier is equipped with advanced and flexible features that promise to improve your air purification experience.
With its high-end technology, PECO - the photoelectrochemical oxidation, Molekule air purifier traps and destroys pollutants using scientific methods. Here is a Molekule review to check on its impact on air purification in your home

Molecular Air Purifier Design
Molekule air purifier is designed with a very sleek silver body surrounded with machined aluminum. It has a thick and soft leather handle at the upper part of the air purifier. The handle allows for easy movement around your home. It has a diameter of 8.25 inches, and its height is about 23 inches. The purifier weighs about 18 pounds. 

Similarly, Molekule air purifier has a touch screen at the top of the system that enables you to control your settings. The touch screen consists of large graphics at the center, which makes it easy to operate. The most important feature of the air purifier is the ability to connect and control from your smartphone. Although it is pricy, it has high performance since it can clean larger rooms measuring up to 600 squire feet.

Molekule Technology
Molekule air purifier employs the latest technology in both design and performance. Although some Molekule reviews have raised questions about the effectiveness of the air purifier, its technology offers better performance than the HEPA technology. The PECO technology, not only traps air particles but also breaks them down using chemical reactions. Meaning it destroys smaller pollutants of down to 0.3-micron size. 

Additionally, the Molekule air purifier uses two separate filters. It consists of a smaller filter which is located at the lower part of the purifier. And a larger one located towards the top of the system. Air enters into the system through the lower part where larger particles are trapped and proceeds to the upper part where the air interacts with the larger PECO filter for further treatment. Once the air is adequately treated, it is then released via the air vents located at the upper part of the system. 

Ordering Molekule Air Purifier
You can order your Molekule air purifier through the company's official website. Upon making your order request, you will receive a confirmation email, which will be followed by tracking emails within a few days. The packaging is appropriate and perhaps the most impressive thing about the air purifier. 

It's carefully packed in a box that protects it from damage. It comes with an extra filter, which you can replace when the need arises. When it comes to setting up your air purifier, the process is quite simple. All you need is to download the Molekule app from the play store and activate it; the app will guide you through all the steps to set up your air purifier. 

Advantages and Disadvantages
One of the best benefits of Molekule air purifier is that it uses better and efficient technology than traditional HEPA technology. It also allows you to control your purifier from your smartphone by connecting to Wi-Fi. Another advantage is that the purifier contains an auto touch screen that adjusts air cleaning speed depending on the air quality. That said, the Molekule air purifier has its own drawbacks too. 

With all the outstanding features, the air purifier is very expensive. Also, the maintaining costs are relatively higher as compared to the HEPA filters. The last disadvantage, in this Molekule review, is that some people have reported a difficult experience when connecting the Molekule app.

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