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Lotus Trolley Bags are Your Go-To Reusable Grocery Bags

Thank you to Lotus Trolley for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

As an adult and a role model for my boys, I have tried to be more mindful of my use of reusable products and avoiding using plastic bags as much as I can. I have many reusable bags, but most are not as efficient or made for use at the grocery store. The personnel struggles with the bags while trying to hurriedly get through my purchase. The Lotus Trolley bags are efficient and so incredibly durable that they are sure to win over the person who grocery shops for the household.
As many things as there are to remember to take when I run errands, I always at least try to have the reusable bags already in my car for grocery shopping. None of my reusable bags are the same and most are the cloth ones that are difficult for the employees at the stores to fill because they don't stand on their own. 

Lotus Trolley Bags are wonderful for many reasons, but the two that are my favorite are the bags can all be folded together and come in a variety. Checking out at the grocery store has been so much more efficient as well as unloading them when I get home. 

These are the produce bags you can also purchase.

All the reasons to buy Lotus Trolley Bags:

  • 4 Bag Set
  • Large Insulated bag
  • Special Patent Protected Features 
  • Egg & Wine Pockets 
  • Machine Washable 
  • Removable Rods 
  • Durable Double Stitching 
  • Mold-Resistant Mesh Bottoms 
  • Fits Standard U.S. Grocery Carts
  • Detachable & Multi Purpose 
  • Pockets for Produce Bags or Small Items
Want it? Buy it!

The Lotus Trolley Bag set I received is available for $49.99 which is the original color scheme. The earth tones set is on sale for $38.99. The fabulous produce bags are on sale for $19.99!

I am always on the lookout for products that make life easier or more efficient, especially if they are also good for the planet. The produce bags are amazing and the durability of the bags as well as the easy care make Lotus Trolley Bags my favorite reusable bags. 

What do you like most about Lotus Trolley Bags? 

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