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As many of us are home with our children, let's talk about some learning we can do at home. The phrase, "It takes a village," is truer now than before. We need to share our ideas, share our kids' favorite activities, books, crafts, and other ideas to keep our kids' minds engaged and our homes occupied during this uncertain time. Share the love, readers.

Learning Through Play


If you have boys, I know you have at least one bucket full of cars in your house. You can talk about colors, shapes, and which car is fastest. You can race them on different surfaces. Another extension is to maybe draw a picture of one of their favorite cars.


Puzzles are amazing because they help motor skills and can reinforce colors, shapes, letters, and other things depending on what the puzzle picture is. Even my 2 year old absolutely loves puzzles.


Kids can learn how to hold a utensil like a brush or crayon. You can talk about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, how different colors can make other colors when they are combined...this is really creative and can be tailored to any age. 

If any of you have any driveway or road space around you, use chalk. It is relatively cheap and keeps kids' minds actively engaged outside. Encourage creativity and also feel free to put some numbers, letters, or do advanced math or practice languages. It is so versatile!

Learning Through Experience

Now is the time to teach kids skills that you sometimes cannot because of the busy schedule. I'm hoping to teach Maverick how to ride a tricycle soon because he can almost turn the pedals all the way around. Hendrix is wanting to learn more techniques of baseball.

Cooking, anything mechanical, baking, art, how to do laundry, how to sew a button on, how to vacuum, how to mow....the list is truly endless and obviously varies among the ages.

Learning Through Games

My kids love games! Hendrix can play quite a few now and even Maverick attempts in his own way. It is a great way to practice taking turns, understanding and following rules, and learning to be a good sport. Hendrix has a rough time when he doesn't win sometimes, but I know it is a valuable lesson for him to learn. Buy a couple games if you don't have any and enjoy some quality time with your kiddos.

Learning Through Reading

Obviously, reading is critical to the development of a child. Reading remains important throughout the years. The structure of the language can be more complicated and written for a variety of texts. Talk about rhyming, the pictures, what letters they see, what they think may happen in the story, discuss emotions of the characters...once again this list is endless. There are so many ways to extend one little book to a long conversation with your child that encourages critical thinking on top of the basic skills.

Learning Through Songs

I don't know if you are a learner through songs, those little jingles that helped you remember how to ties your shoes, learn the alphabet, or the days of the week, or whatever it was. My oldest definitely can remember songs easily so the songs really helped him learn his ABCs, numbers, days of the week, and even to get ready to leave the house.

Music is music! Play all kinds of music for your kids. Our range in a day goes from Raffi to Marshmallow to Elton John to Parry Gripp to Rick Astley. Dance, sing, and play those pretend instruments. The kids will love your participation and remember that for a long time.  

Sometimes it's okay to just play in the rain. Now, with our time at home, is the time to let your kids discover or engage in what interests them. It'll be fun to watch them grow into the amazing individuals they are.

What are your kids' favorite activities at home? 

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