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Keeping the Faith while Practicing Social Distancing: Let's Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get to Work

Mom's Log: 3/24/2020, 1:05 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Fellow readers, friends, family, teachers, good day to you. At the time of my last post, I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the necessary restrictions and guidelines put into place, taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of the American people. So much news... with many conflicting media posts, news articles, and videos, my head has been swimming. I'm sure yours has been, too. My husband keeps urging me to stay off of my phone as we've been approaching the midnight hour each evening for the past week. I can't sleep... I am glued to social media, as well as my work email, and personal email, trying to navigate this work from home life combined with remote learning.

Meltdowns? There have been several... most have been from my kiddos, who are being absolute champs regarding learning from home. There might have also been a meltdown or two from me, and you guys, I am NOT a crier. While it seems as though the floodgates have opened up, and we're experiencing 'biblical' hardships in the 21st Century, I have never been more proud of the people in small and large communities, states, and the nation overall as they rise up to take their places, even amidst this obvious struggle.

Teachers, pastors and rostered leaders, as well as lay leaders, healthcare professionals, truck drivers and stockers, grocery store employees, government leaders, and every single person pitching in and doing their part (and beyond), we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Just an ordinary day- Super Tuesday in NC (just a couple of weeks ago).

Two weeks ago, on a Tuesday, my husband went to work, my kids went to school, and I attended my work/business meetings. Everything was 'normal' as we knew it. Fast forward a few days, and everything started changing. Sacha and I made light of the possibility of being quarantined for a hot minute, and then reality started setting in. Day by day our lives started changing more and more, and we very quickly realized that COVID-19 was not some virus that way far off in another country- it was already here, invading our homeland and the lives of people we love.

While we haven't been told to Shelter In Place in NC (yet), we have family in many large cities all over the country who are or are close to being locked down. We're doing our part by staying home unless we can't- my husband's office job still requires on-site/in-office hours, and he is otherwise  working remotely.

Sunday mornings look a little different these days!

At home, we're making it day by day with ZOOM meetings with teachers, navigating lesson plans, scanning assignments to be turned in, and (me) coming up with a makeshift curriculum for my almost 4-yr-old, who would also normally be at school each morning during the week. We're thinking through how to celebrate Beanie's birthday (on April 4th), knowing that we can't throw her a traditional birthday party, which she was looking forward to. We're making it, though- making it as best as we can, just like everyone else.

The other night, as my hubby tucked our kids into bed for the night, I knelt beside my bed, lay my arms and chest down against the mattress, closed my eyes and prayed like I did when I was a child. I prayed for a long time- for the sake of our world. It's amazing to me that we have become even busier than we were before all of this started. Every second of my day is consumed, and yet every evening, I am exhausted in a way I haven't felt in a long time... and yet... I have been asking God for more.

More!? Am I crazy? 

Maybe, but probably not. When I prayed the other night, along with asking for healing, guidance, and protection, I asked God to speak to me with ways I could help continue to build His kingdom during this frightening time. In church, we sing 'I'm no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.' Remembering that I am claimed, I am beloved, I am called by God to be His hands and feet in this world is helping me stay grounded through all of this. This is certainly a trial- it's a test of our faith. We keep hearing that this will get worse before it gets better, and while that is probably true, there are so many things that we can do to encourage each other and help one another keep the faith.

On Sunday, my son and I recorded an impromptu worship video in our home kitchen. I was so incredibly raw, but it was real. Yesterday, my family was able to take a home-cooked meal to a family we are friends with. Their sweet momma just had surgery, and while we couldn't visit in person, our littles waved to each other between the house and the car. We've been able to send video messages to friends, connect with teachers and classmates, and participate in group meeting online. I asked if I could lend my voice to help create worship/music videos for my church, and I'll be recording with our team tomorrow. My dad asked if I could help lead some songs during our livestream worship service this Sunday, and my husband has been lending his musical gifts by playing the trombone during live worship. My son's school chapel director asked me to make a short video devotional for our school's families this week. 

We can do this!

More on my plate? Yes, it certainly is, but I'm doing as instructed, and counting the cost as we go along. My personal motto in life is based on 2 Samuel 24:24, as paraphrased from scripture, 'I will not bring before the Lord that which costs me nothing.' I am not losing a single thing by participating in these activities. I'm using what God has given me- a voice, a presence, composure, reassurance, to keep on building His kingdom.  Just remember- God is still God through all of this. He is ever-present, and even during this bleak and uncertain time in our lives, He isn't going anywhere. Little is much when God is in it- no one can fathom the plans He holds. Whatever seemingly little thing you've been thinking of doing- do it... it's probably God's way of speaking to you and calling you to serve. It seems as though we have more work to do than ever before, even while we are apart. Let's roll up our sleeves (even if it's from the comfort of our homes) and get to work.

Keep the faith, dear friends! We're all in this together.

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