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Just Dance #TipTuesday

One of my favorite things to do with my friends and family is dance. I'll admit, I look ridiculous when I dance., but it's so freeing and so much fun to move with the music and act like a goofball. I don't embarrass easily. I know I look silly when I'm dancing, but the truth is, I'm not out to win any awards... your girl just wants to have some fun.

For years, I've begged my husband to take me out dancing. I really haven't even cared where we'd go... a club, a piano bar? No place fancy, just someplace to let loose. I apparently embarrass my hubby way too much for him to take me out dancing in public. He wouldn't even boogie on the dance floor with me or our kiddos at a friend's wedding two weekends ago. My kids love to dance as much as I do, though, so I wasn't out of luck. As soon as the kids heard that they'd be attending a wedding, they cried 'we'll be bored!' until their faces were blue. When I mentioned that we'd get to go to a big party afterward (with cake and dancing), they changed their tunes!

I'm a sucker for a line dance, so I squeezed into a tiny space on the dance floor to get my Cha-Cha Slide on. Beanie loved twirling in circles, and B got to fancy dance with our sweet and beautiful friend Hannah.

We love music, and we dance every chance we get. I know the teachers at my kids' schools see us moving and grooving in the car pick up and drop off lines, and we just keep on groovin' like it ain't no thang. Friday nights at home are prime times for dance parties in the living room or kitchen. Countless smiles and laughs accompany these nights, and I cherish them, silly as they are.

I guarantee you that if you take ten minutes a day to dance around, be it serious or silly, you will feel better. You'll get your heart pumping, those endorphins released, and you'll feel a sense of joy wash over you. God wants us to experience joy- it's one of the fruits of the Spirit, after all.

Don't be afraid to express that joy. It's deeply encouraging to others when they see it.
Lady GaGa tells her fans plainly and simply- JUST DANCE, so why don't we?

Encouraging you to dance today and experience more JOY in your life, as God desires for you.

What types of music do you like to dance to?

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Have a great day!

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