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Farming in Ontario: Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Farm life has an idyllic feel to it, from the crow of the rooster welcoming the new day to the fresh vegetables grown with your hard work. However, before you get lost in the dream of farm life, there are a few factors to consider before you get started. Think about what kind of farm, the land needed and what equipment is necessary to succeed.  

Getting Started 

Before making any purchases, take the time to consider what sort of farming is right for you. Firstly, you will want to know the current rules and regulations as well as events for farmers. Fortunately, organizations such as the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, are a readily available resource for information. Next, you will want to keep in mind the costs, labor and property needed. For example, if seeking to open a dairy farm, you need to track the costs of animals, including feed, equipment and veterinary. Then the amount of time that would go into caring for these animals, are you able to make the time commitment, and finally, will you have the space.  

Choosing Your Farm 

Once you have chosen the type of farm, start looking at the farm land for sale in the area. Besides costs, be sure to keep factors such as acreage, on-site facilities, and previous land use. You want to ensure you have enough property to run your farm and keep any animals safe. Additionally, it is easier to start a farm if the necessary buildings are already present. Finally, by knowing how the farm was used previously, you can check whether there may be any chemicals or materials lingering that you do not want on your farm.

Keeping it Stocked 

After you have found your farm, it is time to look into purchasing the tools you need to succeed. Start by making a list of all the instruments you need right away and what can be purchased at a later date, keeping costs in mind. This will help you set a manageable budget to plan out your costs from the start. Then, look up your local dealer so that you can work with someone nearby to avoid expensive delivery fees.  

Starting a farm can be an expensive endeavor. However, by getting a plan in place from the beginning, you can avoid costly mistakes and start your farm on the right foot. Most importantly, enjoy your new farm life.

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