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Creating The Perfect Home Office

Working from home has some great benefits, especially if you are a commuter or have young children at home.  You have more freedom to do your work, and you have the comfort of doing work from your home. Anyone who has worked from home knows the importance of having a designated working space, without one, getting work done is nearly impossible.

Deciding On Your Office Space

When deciding on where to place your office, there a few key factors to think about:
  • Is your space in a quiet location?
  • Do you have adequate space to work?
  • Will you need office furniture?
  • Will your furniture fit in the space?
If you decide to use a spare bedroom or actually have a built in office in your homes, is it away from noise and distraction? Placing your office in a high traffic area of your home can cause major distraction and discomfort for everyone in the home. For more Home Office Setup Guide click  homeofficewarrior.com.

Adequate Working Space

Is the space you are picking big enough to support your work load? Can you freely move about the space to do your required work? If you are cramped in a tight area of your home, that may not be the best space to allow creativity to flow, let alone have online meetings. 

A spare bedroom is usually the number one spot for a home office, but for many, that space has to double as a bedroom too. Make sure that you carve out your work space and that everyone in the house, including guests know that area is a work space. Only you will be able to know what an adequate amount of space is for you to complete your work in a timely matter. 

Will You Need Office Furniture and Does It Fit Your Space?

Now that you have your perfect home office space, what about furniture? Most of us don't have office furniture just sitting around unused, and will need to purchase some. Deciding on the right furniture is key a key factor to successfully working from home. You don't want to be uncomfortable while working! FurnitureBox can help you choose the right pieces for your new home office.

Measure the area where you will be working from, including walls, and the height at which you'd like your desk to sit at. Nothing's worse than getting a desk that is too high or low, too big or small to work from.  A good tip is to find a comfortable office chair that you like, adjust the seat height that you are comfortable with, and measure where you sit at. From that point, you can find the perfect desk based on the height of it. 

Once you choose a desk, measure your space again. Make sure that the depth and height of the desk will work within your space. While large, regal desks and chairs look nice, most homes don't have the space to support the measurements of such pieces, so be conscious of the space in which you'll be working. Once this is all done, it's time to choose the desk you want, and you can get bespoke office desks from office monster that will suit all styles, and really add value to your office space.

Add pictures and small accessories that are soothing and inspiring to you, but not distracting so that you'll want to work in your new home office. Once your home office is set up, all that's let to do is get to work!

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