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Covid-19: Where to Buy the Supplies You Need

This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

If you're like me and waited until you are running low on toilet paper to run to the store, then just like me you were in shock to see the shelves bare. In my household we now have 3 rolls left!  THREE!! So as I began to panic and run store to store only to be met with disappointment, I thought there has to be a better way! 

So I began to search online and look into stores that I might not have originally thought to look at. 
While many of the larger online retailers have no stock, or long shipment waits, here are a few places that as of 3/15/2020, still had stock. And a few other stores for different supplies such as equipment to make a copy of documents or the punching machine and much more.

Staples may not be your first thought for supplies, but why not. It is an office supply store! I was able to order toilet paper earlier in the day, and while it was a bit pricey, I still have toilet paper being delivered on Tuesday! I went back and checked the site, and they still have several options available, however their prices have gone up a few dollars, which I'm sure will continue to happen as demand continues to rise.  

I purchased the Coastwide Professional™ 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, White, 12 Rolls/Case (CW26544), which at 3:44pm CST was $43.59, now it is listed at $46.99. Still a good deal for what you are getting. They also have baby wipes and flushable wipes. 

Office Depot has a very limited stock of toilet paper and baby wipes, but they are still available. 

Bath and Body Works while they state to check local stores for hand sanitizer, they have plenty of hand soap. 

If you are unable to find masks, respirators are good to use also. You can find them at Atwoods priced between $25-30. 

I want to encourage everyone to be kind and mindful of others while we fight this virus. If you know of ant good places to find supplies, let us know in the comments! Stay healthy and stay safe! 

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