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Behind the Camera: Photo Editing for Beginners

Do you have that friend you know who grabs their phones and snaps photos? Then you see the photos and can't believe how great they look. You're wondering how do they get such good pictures?
You, too, can take great photos. The other thing you should do is learn how to use some simple photo editing tools that can greatly improve the quality of your photos. 
Read on to learn photo editing for beginners and how you create amazing images from your photo snaps.

Photo Editing Programs
The first step in basic photo editing is to get a photo editing program such as Darktable or RawTherapee. There is free photo editing software available for both computers online and for phones that allow you to do significant photo editing to improve the quality of your photos.
Photo Editing Tools
There are a number of different photo editing options available on even the free photo editing tools. Let's take a look at some of these tools and how to use them in your photos.
Brightness and Contrast
This simple adjustment can dramatically change photo quality. Take a photo that is over or underexposed and change the brightness first. Then adjust the contrast to sharpen the image. 
Adjust Color
The light you had when you snapped the photo can sometimes make the color appear unnatural. Use color adjustment tools to get more natural-looking color. Pay attention to how color appears to the naked eye and adjust accordingly.
Consider Hue
Another way to adjust color is by working with a photo's hue. You can change the color by adjusting the saturation. If you increase the saturation in a photo, you will increase the color density.
Highlights and Shadows
This option allows you to take an area of a photo and lighten or darken as needed. You control the highlights and remove shadows for more photo brightness. Be careful here, because an over-edited photo can actually look worse instead of better. 
It's amazing the difference even a small amount of cropping can do for a photo. Use a cropping tool to get rid of distractions in a photo. Consider what you want to use as a focus in the photo and crop accordingly.
Align Photo
Photo alignment is helpful if you took the photo so it wasn't quite lined up. Photo alignment allows you to rotate how the photo sits inside the photo frame. A small shift in alignment can change how a picture looks
Touch Up Facial Features
Many photo editing programs allow you to touch up features. This might include things like:
Whitening teeth
Brushing out blemishes
Removing wrinkles
Brightening eyes

This tool usually allows you to airbrush facial features too. This is another tool you want to use cautiously so you don't completely change a person's real appearance.

Make Your Photos Shine With Photo Editing for Beginners
With easy access to quality cameras on cell phones and non-price restrictive DSLR cameras, there are so many ways to take photos and good quality ones too. 

The truth is the pros take a lot of pictures but they also know how to edit them to make them look even better. Use these photo editing for beginners to make your photos look like a professional took them. 

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