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A Message to Our Readers Concerning COVID-19

Good morning, MBP friends and family! As I write to you this morning, I am sitting in my kitchen, enjoying a cup of hot coffee, pouring over meal plans, lesson plans, craft and activity ideas, while also attempting to answer work emails, monitor MBP social media channels, and avert my eyes concerning the latest news headlines. We're living into an interesting situation here in the US, concerning the Coronavirus. Schools are closed, gatherings and events are suspended or canceled, some restaurants and bars are closing or being restricted to drive through or take out service, only, and like many of you, I am wondering if my kids will even go back to school this school year, or if my church will be able to hold in-person worship services for Easter.

Hard as it is to imagine not doing our normal daily activities, I know that this social distancing is what will ultimately keep the number of cases of this nasty virus low(er) in the United States. The inconveniences are tough- I get that. People are wondering if they'll have enough food to eat, where they can buy paper supplies, and how they'll still be able to work and provide childcare for their children.

Even at Mommy's Block Party, an online-based business, we're feeling the reality of this social distancing. Work has slowed, emails are fewer, some of our campaigns have been cancelled, and shipment of product for us to review and share experiences about have also slowed down. We want our readers to know that our team is working through this unique situation. Our team is comprised of women who are wives and moms, many work outside the home, and we first and foremost must navigate family life and keeping our precious spouses, children, and pets safe over these next few weeks.

We pledge to continue to bring you, our loyal readers relevant content from crafts and activities to recipes and health and wellness tips. We still have our spring product and gift guides in place, and are working hard with our clients and sponsors to continue to bring you the best product and service recommendations that we can. While sponsored giveaways may slow down for a while, we're currently working to bring you self-sponsored giveaways and blog hop (giveaways) opportunities.

We are blessed to remain 'open for business' and to be able to communicate with our community members online, spreading hope, rather than fear.

Please continue to check in with us via MBP social media. Our MBP Facebook page is a wonderful resource for activities for kids, health and wellness information, and general fun and light-heartedness during this seemingly dark time. Please bear with us as we work to respond to messages and keep our wonderful blog flowing, while we also care for our families and those in our community.

Much love to you all. Please remember that we are all in this together, and we will get through this.

Can we help you in any way? Please contact us if we can be of assistance. Our community was founded on the premise of women supporting women, and we are proud to continue to do so.

May God bless you and keep you!


  1. I agree.. we need more hope and calm.. not fear. Crazy times we are living in right now!

  2. Morning Sunshine mommy to one of my favorite little humans! Social distancing is very familiar in our home~ a lifetime ago with Drus Big sister, Lillie. She had a very mended heart, A CHD warrior for so long now a CHD angel~ we always knew when the stores where empty , how to completely sanitize a seat a the movies~so many tricks to keep it germ free and not make a obvious ordeal for her~ now back to today ~ we have to keep our sweet nuggets save inside and out, not scare them for this too shall pass~however we will have changed hopefully a little~ what a grand reminder on being a family , taking care of our bodies and our homes. Back to Basics~ Embrace~Reinvent and always get into the dirt~ give big hugs and a big elbow bump to your sweet family! mrs liz


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