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6 Tips for Long Car Journeys

With the current global situation, air travel is being greatly limited and it seems like this will be that way for a while. This is the perfect time to start planning your next trip by car! If you’re in Europe, you can see the Last Supper or the Eiffel Tower on a car trip, or those in the USA can visit famous sights like the Grand Canyon or one the country’s many great national parks.

Long car trips can be a lot of fun, but they also come with their own challenges. Here are 6 tips for long car journeys so you can get the most out of your road adventure!
1. Take Lots of Breaks
Driving long distances or for long periods of time can be exhausting. It is important to take regular breaks to keep yourself focused, alert and avoid accidents. The UK Government recommends resting at least 15 minutes every two hours when driving. 
To make sure that you take your required breaks, plan your rest stops in advance. Plan out your route and work out where you will stop all the way, making sure these are at least once every two hours. You can use these as an opportunity to see interesting things along the way, or stop somewhere nice for a meal.
2. Make Sure Your Car is in Tip-Top Condition
One of the best things you can do to make sure your car journey goes smoothly is to make sure your car is in good condition before you set off. You don’t want to be dealing with avoidable break downs or repairs on the road because you failed to do proper maintenance ahead of time.
Make your car has had its regular service and is not overdue for a check. Also check that all the vitals are ok, such as the oil, water, coolant, tyre pressure and alignment, and that your headlights and indicators are all working. Issues in these areas are the most common causes of breakdowns so by taking care of them you’ll likely stay out of trouble.
3. Plan Ahead
Planning your car journey in advance can make all the difference. Plan your route in advance, taking into consideration sights along the way you’d like to see. The key to a great road trip is not just getting from point A to point B, but enjoying all the treasures along the way too.
Prior planning can also help to avoid hazards and frustrations. Plan your route so that you can avoid rush-hour in towns and cities. Also check Google maps for road works or other delays and change your route if necessary – this can literally save you hours.
4. Keep Yourselves Entertained 
There’s no denying that driving for long hours can get boring. Plan your journey’s entertainment in advance to keep all passengers occupied, especially any children. Prepare something to listen to on the trip. Music is great, but audio books can also be very entertaining and while away the hours on the road.
For children, and people of all ages really, car games can also make the trip fun. Pack puzzle books and travel games for the kids, and there are plenty of great car games to play on the way. There is another great way to keep yourselves entertained on a long car trip: simply talking to each other! See this as an opportunity to catch up and get to know one another better. 
5. Be Well Rested
An addition to taking regular breaks as you drive, it is also important to make sure you are well rested before you start. Driving can be tiring, so you want to make sure you start of rested and energised. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep (which means seven to eight hours of solid sleep) not just the night before your journey, but the previous night also.
Start the journey in the morning rather than head out after a long day of work. All this will help you make sure you have enough energy, which is vital for many reasons, not least of all that fatigue contributes to accidents. Being tired can also make you less tolerant, which can cause road rage.
6. Pack Snacks
Along with fatigue, hunger can also contribute to not being at your best behind the well. Passengers can also suffer if their stomach’s start to grumble. Avoid this by packing plenty of snacks for the journey.
Specifically, make sure to pack healthy snacks, that will keep your blood sugar up, rather than causing a blood sugar spike and then a crash. Vegetable sticks like carrots or celery or fresh fruit are great, as well as dried fruit and nuts. 

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