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6 Amazing Ways to Take Professional Photos With Your iPhone Smartphone

Apple is improving iPhone cameras with every new edition of this popular phone. Anyone can take amazing, professional-grade photos on their iPhone, especially with the right tips, tricks, and tools. Leave your large and clunky digital camera at home, and capture amazing moments from your iPhone. 
Keep reading for our guide on how to make your photos look professional even when you're just snapping them on your iPhone. 

1. Keep It Clean 
There are some really easy things you can do before you plan on shooting pictures on your iPhone. Make sure you are shooting with a clean lens so that your images come out clear. Because your phone is always in your pocket, purse or hand, the camera lens can get dirty and oily very easily.
Pick up some microfiber cloths and make sure you have them around when your shooting photos on your iPhone. This will help to make sure your images are not getting ruined and blurred by fingerprints and other smudges. 
2. Start With the Shooting Basics 
Use the gridline feature when shooting to make sure your image is lining up in a visually pleasing way. This is a great way to make sure your shots are straight and not lopsided. It's also a really helpful tool for photos of landscapes.
When shooting landscapes, make sure your phone is oriented to the landscape rather than the portrait angle. You'll want to make sure the horizon lines up on either the top or bottom section of your grid for a balanced landscape shot. 
Another basic shooting tip when it comes to shooting any subject on an iPhone is to get closer to your subject rather than zooming in. The zooming feature makes the photo lose its quality, and you might end up with a grainy image.
If you feel that zooming would help eliminate surrounding elements that you don't want in the shot, take the photo from afar instead and use the crop feature to narrow the focus of the image. 
3. Lighting Is Everything 
Lighting is one of the main elements to consider when shooting photos. When shooting on an iPhone, natural lighting is best, as the flash on the iPhone is not great. When using flash, images can come out looking washed out, and your subjects can often appear with red-eye. 
If your doing a shoot on an iPhone, consider conducting the shoot outside during the day. If your practicing shooting on your iPhone, take walks around your neighborhood and capture the colors in nature that surrounds you, and notice how the lighting complements it. 
If you have to do a shoot indoors, make sure you have white lighting, but keep your distance from the bulbs, as they can cast a yellow shade on your subject. 
4. Get Awesome Editing Apps 
What's great about shooting on an iPhone is that there are so many awesome photography apps available in the Apple store. These allow you to edit your images all from your phone, making it a great activity when you're on the go. 
Apps like Snapseed are great for beginners to editing. With adjustment tools that are easy to use, as well as crisp filters, you can improve your images in seconds.
If you make mistakes, you can undo edits. This app also helps when you need to zoom in and delete blemishes. 
If you prefer to edit photos with softwares like Photoshop, you can easily get them from your phone onto your computer. Head to this guide on how to transfer photos from iPhone to mac to learn how. 
5. Use Burst Mode to Capture Action 
Have you used burst mode on your iPhone? This can be a great way to capture awesome action shots, perfect for events such as weddings where candid photos are key to catching special moments. 
The burst mode takes several photos in a short period of time, which makes it great for moving subjects, such as a sports game. When you go to select your favorite photos for edits, you will have so many options to chose from. 
To shoot on burst mode, you can hold down the shutter button or the volume up button on the side of your iPhone. To stop shooting, you simply let go of the button, and all of the shots will be saved to your camera roll. 
6. Use Portrait Mode for Clear Focus 
If you haven't used your iPhone portrait mode yet, try it for anything you want a clear focus on. This camera mode focuses on your subject, blurring the background for a clear and focused image. This is a great tool for headshots, floral photos, and more
To use this mode, open the camera app and swipe across the shooting modes that appear at the bottom of your camera frame until you get to portrait. Your iPhone will even give you instructions, such as to move farther or closer to your subject in portrait mode so that you can get the best shot. 
How to Make Your Photos Look Professional When Using Your iPhone
As you can see, there are so many easy ways to take professional photos on your iPhone. Next time your shooting, keep these tips on how to make your photos look professional in mind so that you can get images you love. Take amazing photos from the convenience of your iPhone today!

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