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6 Amazing Baby Items that You Won’t Get at Your Baby Shower

6 Amazing Items that You Won’t Get at Your Baby Shower

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links; meaning Mommy’s Block Party earns a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links below, at no additional cost to you.  This post is not supported by the brands featured herein, all opinions are my own.   All quoted prices reflect the list price as of the time of this writing.

Baby showers are great! I cannot begin to name the value, both financial and emotional, of the gifts I was given by friends and family before Little Bear was born!  But I’ve noticed that most people like to buy the cute stuff, primarily clothes, blankets, and stuffed animals.  This makes sense, it’s the fun stuff to shop for; and don’t get me wrong, these things are great!  But between gifts and my own purchases, I had clothes and blankets that never even got used and Little Bear isn’t really that interested in stuffed animals. 

So, now that I’m a year down the parenting road and after being prompted by my mom, I decided to make a list of the baby items that I have found invaluable to my parenting this far.  This list features six such items focused on the first six months of baby’s life!

All six items are available on Amazon with 5 of them being PRIME and all but one cost less than $15.00!

Newborn fingernails are basically paper-thin razors.  They’re so sharp, they grow so fast, and they’re attached to a squirmy baby who will likely hate it when you try to trim them.  These scissors do not make the effort easy-breezy, but they are the best thing I’ve found.  They’re both much easier to use and safer than traditional nail clippers and they come with a blade cover that also contains a magnifying glass and nail file.

2) Sigzagor Wet Bag - $7.99

Newborns are messy!  All babies have diaper blow-outs; we call them “Poo-mageddon” or “Poo-pocalypse” in our house.  One day, poo-mageddon will happen to you in public.  I wish I could tell you that this was avoidable, but I’m fairly certain it’s a mandatory step of parenting.  While my natural response to this is to toss out the mess—baby and all—and start over; that’s not reasonable; so you’re going to at least want a way to contain this mess.  I guess you could do something boring like carry around a Ziploc bag; but I believe that when given the choice between a boring thing and a pretty thing, you should choose the pretty thing—even if it’s just to hold poo! Or whatever else you need to carry home; I keep a few of these in my diaper bag at all times!

I love this wet bag in particular because comes in a ton of prints and has two zipper pockets, so you can keep yucky contents separated from anything else you need until you get home.  Once home, the whole bag can be tossed into the washing machine!  This reusability is another factor of superiority against the Ziploc option!

Babies learn very early on that if they throw a beloved paci, toy, etc you’ll pick it up for them.  I don’t know if all babies are like this, but Little Bear found this to be a source of infinite entertainment.  I finally decided to try a toy that had a clip attached and it was a game-changer! Inspired by this, I found these paci clips and promptly attached them to everything!  He now has one on most of his small toys and sippy cups and he can throw them to his heart’s content and then get them back without me having to do it for him!

This is the only item that I’m sharing that is not available as a PRIME purchase, but’s it’s so amazing that it’s still worth it!

It’s hard to put a newborn into a car seat, especially before he or she has developed neck control.  It became a two-person job in my house, one to hold the baby and the other to hold the straps out of the way.  Anytime I ended up having to get Little Bear into his car seat on my own it took about 10 minutes of placing him into the seat and then digging the straps out from underneath him without the jostling him too much!  This was especially difficult pre-neck control.

These clips let you avoid all that by holding the straps out of the way for you.  There’s a magnet inside that you simply stick the buckle onto and the straps won’t be in your way!  And it’s easy to attach them: you simply pin them to the sides of the car seat using the safety latch around the pin and go!

5) Baby Bum Brush Diaper Rash Cream Applicator: $14.99 for a two-pack.                                                                                            

Diaper rash cream is gross! It is super important when your little one needs it, but it falls into the YUCK category for me.  And, it’s just sort of weird to put on with your fingers; I mean, I love my son, I would do anything for him, but I don’t want to put my finger next to his bum-hole.  This silicone brush solves that issue by basically letting you ”paint” the cream on, keeping your fingers clean.  And when you’re finished it wipes clean in one stroke! I especially like this set, because it comes with a big one for home and a smaller one with a carrying case for on-the-go!

At almost $40, this transition swaddle is the big splurge on my list, but it’s the one item that I could not have lived without the first year of my son’s life!  Little Bear hated being wrapped up in a traditional swaddle because he liked to have his arms up by his face to self-soothe. This type of swaddle has all the comfort-giving the benefits of a traditional swaddle, cutting down on baby’s startle reflex that can kill good sleep, but lets your baby have free use of his arms.  This is extra great because it can be used even after baby learns to roll over where a traditional swaddle would have to be dropped for safe sleep! 

Another great thing about the Zipadee-Zip is that it becomes part of your bedtime routine; my son knows that it means time to sleep and calms down almost instantaneously once we put it on!  We love the Zipadee-Zip in our house and Little Bear still sleeps in it at almost 14 months, with no intention of giving it up any time soon!

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