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Why America needs to do more for its black mothers

Maternal mortality rates among African American women are disproportionately high. African American women are three to four times more likely to die as a result of childbirth. This is finally being talked about, with women such as Beyoncé and Serena Williams are coming forward with their stories of difficulties in childbirth. If you feel that you have suffered an injury due to your needs not being met in hospital or medical malpractice then you should look for African American personal injury lawyers near me

After decades of decline, maternal deaths started rising again in the US in 1990. By 2013 the number had more than doubled. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention now estimates 700 to 900 maternal deaths each year, as well as 500,000 life-threatening complications. This is the highest rate in the developed world and many of these conditions are preventable. 
Complications during childbirth can seriously affect the child and the mother. The mother is at risk of PTSD and other mental health issues after a difficult birth. Depending on the complication, the child’s initial development may also be affected.  
It is unclear as to why there is such a stark difference between black and white women when it comes to complications during childbirth. Many African American women have shared their stories of not being listened to by health care professionals. Other women have shared experiences where they have felt that they have not been monitored properly and that their symptoms have been dismissed. This points to racial bias and stereotyping affecting the care that women receive. 
This was the story for Serena Williams, who after giving birth to her daughter became out of breath. She recognized this as being a result of a medical condition and knew that it was because of blood clots in her lung. Despite her understanding of her own body, she wasn’t listened to. She had to fight to get the help that she needed. If she was more complacent or less aware of her condition, she could have lost her life. 
There are also socio-economic issues in America in that black women are more likely to be living below the poverty line. This can have an impact on a women’s nutrition and stress levels which may cause her to have difficulties with pregnancy and birth. Additionally, they may not have the same access to high-quality care. 
Furthermore, some health issues are more common in black women, such as pre-eclampsia. Black women are 60% more likely to develop this and it can be more severe for them. This issue has been made public by BeyoncĂ©, who despite the best medical care suffered from it. There could be a lack of understanding in the medical community about black women’s health issues. 
More needs to be done to address maternal complications in America, especially among African American women. America is one of the richest countries in the world, and yet, when it comes to maternity care we are seriously falling behind. More research needs to be done and issues brought to light to stop any unnecessary deaths or complications. 

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