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There is a saying that you shouldn't believe everything you read, but that saying is especially true when you read it on the internet.  I have met people during my lifetime that have become friends over the years and we follow each other on social media.  I learn a lot about life just watching how people act, react, and respond.  My favorite thing to do is look at an idea or concept to prove whether or not it is a good idea.  This week, I came across the concept of using dish soap instead of laundry soap in the washing machine.  The comments that followed made me really question the validity of this being a cheaper alternative to laundry soap.  Of course, I have to test it.
I researched online to see the pros and cons for doing this and I find the pros outweigh the cons.  The biggest issue one will come across is putting too much soap in.  Funny, we use so much laundry soap but dish soap is a different consistency and you will need to use less soap.  Will our clothes be clean?  This is one of those things that make me go "Hmm".

Other than recipes I find online I have not been one to test too many things but this one has me thinking.  Is there a benefit to using dish soap over laundry soap?  Will this really save me any money in the long run?  Would you try it?

Tell us what you think.


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