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Valentine's Day is Sweeter with Welch's Fruit Snacks #MBPVDAY20

Thanks to Welch's for the samples. All thoughts are my own.

If you're a parent or guardian of a young child, I can only imagine the excitement in your home this week. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and so many parents (including yours truly) are scrambling to grab last-minute boxes of cards for their child's class. If you're lucky, you can get by with just sending your kid to school with a tiny half-ripped and scribbled on 'card' for each classmate on Valentine's Day. In my situation, it feels like an expectation to be one of those moms who sends in a goodie bag for each kid in your child's class for every class party of the year. I know some of you feel me on this- amiright? That's all one word, right? (Wink!)

Honestly y'all, I sort of cringe when my kids come home with bags of candy from birthday parties and class parties. I have pretty strict limits on candy for my kids, and they think I am so mean when I stash these holiday candies away and ration them out over the course of the year. I also don't get spending money on useless junk- why do we do it? I'm cleaning out my son's room and 80% of what we're getting rid of are those junky little plastic things from goodie bags. I promise- I'm not on a mission to be a jerk here... it just seems wasteful.

Beanie loves to help make her treat bags for class parties!

Instead of heaps of chocolate, I might instead give my kids a book, LEGO, or an experience coupon for Valentine's Day. When it comes to treats for their classmates, I opt for simple treats like real fruit snacks, fruit puree snacks, etc. Welch's Fruit Snacks are always our first choice for fruit snacks to enjoy at home or to include as party favors or treats.

This Valentine's Day, Beanie wanted to make treat bags for her class, so we opted to include Welch's Valentine's Day Fruit Snacks! They're made with real fruit, and they come prepackaged in a 28-ct box. The packages have the little 'to' and 'from' spaces to write your child's name on. They can be passed out in place of traditional paper Valentines, or along with them.

Want them? Get them!

The limited-edition offering features custom Valentine’s Day-themed graphics and heart-shaped fruit snack pieces with fun emoji faces. Even better, these fruit snacks are perfect for Valentine’s Day classroom exchanges as each pouch features a “To/From” signable front panel. $4.99 at Target.

We love these fruit snacks because they are made with real fruit! My kids beg for these, and it was totally expected that they would want to share them with their friends for Valentine's Day. I don't know about you, but I would much rather my kids come home with these from their class parties than plastic junk or way too many pieces of candy.

Whether or not my V-Day treat bag style matches yours, there's no denying these fruit snacks will be a great choice for your child's class this Valentine's Day!

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