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Tips to Mop & Clean Hardwood Floors the Best Way

Sweeping and vacuuming are perhaps some of the most common ways to get your house clean. However, beyond sweeping and vacuuming, if your house must be extremely clean, you will need to mop it constantly.
This article contains tips that you need to mop floors correctly. Read on to find out what these tips are.

Prepare the Area
The first thing you need to do when looking to mop an area is to get it cleared. When clearing the area to be mopped, first take out the chairs, rugs, and tables. This way, you will be able to conveniently clean every part of the area you are mopping.
When clearing the area to be mopped, your job will only be half done if the furniture and other things you take out are dirty. To ensure that they do not mess up the area you mopped, you should always get everything you clear out cleaned up first.
In addition to cleaning the furniture you took out. Everyone in your apartment must be aware of the fact that you are mopping the area. This way no one will mistakenly step on the floor and mess it up before it dries.
Make Use of Warm Water
When mopping, you are free to make use of whatever temperature of water you desire. You, however, will be able to get the area being mopped cleaner if you make use of warm water in mopping.
When mopping with warm water, pour these cleaning solutions into a bucket and get it half-filled with warm water. The mop should be totally covered by the water once it gets dipped into the bucket. If your mop is a little moist, you can begin mopping right away. However, if it is very dry, you will have to let it soak up some water before going ahead to begin mopping.
Sweep Before Mopping
Sweeping the area to be mopped just before going ahead to mop it might seem so much like a waste of time. It, however, is a step that can help you get the best out of every effort you put into mopping an area.
Mopping makes an area appear clean. The truth, however, is it cannot make a room free from crumbs, solid debris, and dust. The implication of this is if an area is not swept before being mopped, you will only succeed in displacing debris from their positions and replacing them with other dirt.
Mop in Partitions
There are various ways to mop. However, if you want to get an area thoroughly clean, you will have to mop in sections. When you mop in sections, you will not struggle in getting dirt and debris out of an area.
Get Your Mop Rinsed
After mopping a particular section, you should not go straight to mop another section. As soon as you are done mopping a section, you should first rinse your mop. Rinsing the mop helps you keep the dirt from one part of the room away from another section.
While you should always rinse your mop after mopping a section, if the floor you are mopping is made from hardwood, it is best you rinse your mop two times.
Look Out for the Color of the Water
Mopping the floor gets the floor clean. It, however, gets the water being used to mop dirty. As the water gets dirty, it becomes darker. The darker the water you make use in mopping becomes, the stronger the signal that it is time to change the water. When water becomes dark and dirty, you will begin to get the floor dirty instead of clean. 
When you mop your floor with the use of clean water, you will get a good result for every effort you put into mopping.
Allow the Floor Dry on Its Own Accord
Once you are done mopping an area, you should not make use of a piece of cloth in getting it dry. It is best to let the area dry out by itself. After mopping, open the doors and windows to the area just mopped. Doing this will let air get in and dry it.
One common error a lot of people make after mopping is they dry the already mopped area with a piece of cloth. Although drying a floor with a piece of clean cloth is not out of place, it should only be carried out when the streaks of the mop you used are bad. 

As soon as the area you mopped gets dry, you can move in everything you moved out. Furthermore, the mop should be hung after you are done with it. This way, it will dry properly.

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