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The Sister Bond- Why I need my Sisters

There are very few people in this world that I can rely on with all my mommy, self and adult insecurities.  It's not because I don't have anyone; it's that no one will understand quite like my sisters.  I am fortunate to have 3 sisters and our entire life we have been more than sisters... we are best friends.  We grew up the same way so we tend to think alike while still having so many differences that if we didn't all look alike no one would know we were sisters.
I am the second oldest, but I act more like the baby as I tend to be the most sensitive one.  I am the sister that always likes to see, hear, and be happy despite what is going on in our lives.  I get upset when my sisters are struggling in any facet.  The relationship between all of us is stronger than anything.  There is nothing that we won't do for each other, but our biggest strength is being there to support each other during our moments of struggle.
Me, L and V

V is the big sister and she is the one that is most like the mom to all of us. Being 23 months apart has bonded us the closest.  From day one she has been my biggest supporter, my best friend, and the one person I talk to every day.  No matter what we are going through we always come through for each other.  She never judges me, but sits and listens gives advice or helps me to see the positive in all situations.  

L is the middle sister.  She struggles with self worth and tends to push us all away when she is struggling.  I think someone forgot to tell her that we aren't going anywhere.  We will continue to push until she sees she is just as valuable as anyone.  We are 3 years apart, but still bonded for all the trouble we got into as kids.

M is the baby sister.  She is 10 years younger than me, but from the moment she was born she was my live baby doll.  Our bond is so close because I literally treated her like she was my baby from the moment she was born.  I was infatuated with this little baby.  As I was so much older that dwindled as she got older but now that she is a mommy herself, we talk every day and spend as much time together as we can. 

  So you may be asking yourself why I shared my relationship and age differences between us.
My sisters are my greatest blessing.  Our parents always told us that after they pass we would only have each other and while we hated that speech when we were kids it is so true.  I took M to her friend's memorial service yesterday.  The girl that passed was only 28 years old.  Her only sibling couldn't attend the service and he is so distraught over it.  Life is too short to not hold those that you love so close.  Age is only a number, but you can choose to be bonded with those around you.  

I have been blessed with 3 siblings and through my entire life they will be 3 of the most important people to me.  If you have been blessed with a sibling give them call today and tell them how much they mean to you.  Tomorrow is not promised.


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