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The Best Sporting Events to Travel to with Children

Traveling to watch big sporting events is a fantastic way to see the world. Yet, you might wonder whether this is a type of activity can be done when you have young children. The good news is that it can be if you go about it in the right way and choose the best events.

Little League World Series Baseball
This tournament takes place in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania in August of each year. It features young baseball players between 10 and 12 years of age and has been going since 1947.  
The Howard J. Lamade Stadium is where the action takes place. Teams from across the US and abroad play here, with Japan and Taiwan having especially good records in winning it. Eight teams from the US and eight from abroad make up the 16-team strong field.
If you have children who love playing baseball then this is a recommended event to take them to. You will want to get to the stadium early to choose some seats in the shade, though. There is also the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum to visit here, and the Annual Grand Slam Parade is worth catching too.
The Kentucky Derby
Most people assume that horse racing is a sport that only adults can attend. Yet, at many racecourses, kids under the age of 12 get in for free. This is the case at Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held in May each year.
The free admission for youngsters doesn’t apply on Kentucky Derby or Oaks Days, so the whole family will need to pay on those days. However, it is still a hugely enjoyable day out when they can get caught up in the excitement of horse racing.  
Naturally, younger spectators can’t place bets. If the adults in the group want to place a few wagers then check the Kentucky Derby odds to get started. The kids can enjoy some great food and soak up the atmosphere while the grown-ups follow the action. 
The Walt Disney World Marathon 
If your kids love to run, they may like to take part in a big race. The problem is that most marathons have a strict minimum age limit of 16 or 18. A nice alternative is to head to Orlando in Florida to take part in the Walt Disney World Marathon.
This is a series of runs that take place in January and are designed for youngsters of different ages. For instance, there is a 5K event that children as young as 5 can compete in. For older kids, the 10k race is open to anyone who is 10 or older. The half marathon can be run by any one of 14 or above. 
As for the full marathon, your children need to be at least 18 years or older to run in it. There are also fun challenges involving some of the most popular Disney characters, such as Goofy and Dopey. Naturally, there is a lot to do here once the races are over too.
Other Ideas
There are many other fascinating ways to travel with your family to watch some sporting action. Maybe you would all love to go to a football game or to catch a golf tournament in a beautiful location. You might even consider watching some surfing or a high-speed racing event.
If you can afford, traveling abroad to Europe and watching a soccer game with the atmosphere can be tempting, but be cautious about hooligans and try to get into the neutral fans zone. 

The most important point is to find a sport that everyone in the family likes to watch. If you then choose an interesting location to pass a few days in then you are all set for a wonderful, unforgettable sporting trip.  

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