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Synthetic vs. natural fibre: Where are the differences?

There are two different types of fibers in the textile field; synthetic fiber and natural fiber. There are many benefits of purchasing natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable fabrics, especially when it comes to organic cotton baby clothes. Are natural fabrics warmer than the manmade ones, and what is the actual difference between them? These are some of the questions that we’re going to answer in this article. 

The difference between natural and synthetic fabrics

Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere are made of fibers produced by plants and animals. Synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon are “manmade” fibers created in laboratories.

The advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fiber


Stronger and softer material - Manmade fibers can take up heavy things. Besides that, they are generally very soft, which is why they are used in clothing materials.
Cost - Clothes produced with synthetic fibers are cheaper than the ones made with natural fiber.
Available colors - There are a variety of available colors as they are manufactured
Elastic - These fabrics stretch out comfortably.
Its positive qualities influence the utility and growth of the synthetic fibers; easy-care properties, wrinkle resistance
The features of synthetic fiber such as appearance, strength, the action of acids, elasticity, and similar can be changed, but that unlike natural fiber.


Rough feel - These fibers might give you a raw feel, and are unsuitable for underwear, pajamas, and similar.
Doesn’t absorb moistures - These fibers don’t absorb sweat so that they’re trapping heat in your body.
Synthetic fabrics may be causing some health conditions because of the chemicals they are made of. Some of these chemicals are rayon, acrylic, and polyester.
Many individuals are prone to skin allergies because of the dermatological action of synthetic fibers.
These fibers are a bit difficult to sew, but that’s compensated for by wash, wear, and durability properties.
Humanmade fibers are not biodegradable

The advantages and disadvantages of natural fiber

Natural fibers are not made of chemicals. In some cases, these fibers might contain chemicals used by growers. Popular with new moms and their babies is the organic cotton that doesn’t contain pesticides, synthetic chemical fertilizers, and growth regulators. Organic natural fibers are grown without chemical treatments, so they are considered as the best option. These fibers haven’t been linked to the health conditions due to the lack of chemicals during their production. Other advantages are:

Clothes made by natural fibers are much more comfortable than the ones made of synthetic fibers. They are incredibly lightweight, but yet provide protection and warmth. Also, they can be used in everything from silk gowns to classic t-shirts.
The natural fibers are tightly woven but surprisingly soft and extremely breathable.
Environmentally-friendly - Natural fiber fabrics are created without unnatural processes and toxins and are less harmful to the environment.
Natural fibers are fire-resistant, while polymer-based fibers will melt.
Non-allergic to skin
Natural fibers are biodegradable

Disadvantages of natural fiber:

Cost - Materials that are produced by natural fibers are much more expensive than synthetic fibers created easier by manufacturing.
Shrinking - Aggressive washing may cause shrinking of materials produced by natural fiber.
These fibers are not available in high tenacity and medium tenacity.
Natural calamities and vagaries of nature are affecting the availability of natural fibers.
The production of these fibers is not entirely controllable. Each year quantities of the specific qualities vary, which tends to cause price fluctuations.

What can you contribute?

How crucial is durability for you? Do you like having synthetic fibers in your products? Everybody interprets sustainability differently. You can now compare these two kinds of fiber and decide which definition of sustainability you would like to apply. 

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