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Show the Love this Valentine's Day with the Squishmallows Mystery Box + Free Valentine's Day Cards! #MBPVDAY20

Thanks to Squishmallows for the samples. All thoughts are my own.

Want to share the love this Valentine's Day? I have a sweet, soft, and downright squishy Valentine's Day gift idea for you! 

Last summer, my kids were introduced to these adorable, super soft, and giant plush friends. We were visiting a friend, and she gifted each of the kiddos a giant Squishmallow. My kids immediately fell in love with their new squishy friends, and I never could have guessed how absolutely attached to these plush pals my kids would become. It's a great way to show the love this Valentine's day!

If you've never heard of Squishmallows, you've probably just missed their name. These plush friends are everywhere and are hugely popular gift items for kids of all ages. They are great for kids 0+ and come in lots of different sizes. Squishmallows are soft, fun, colorful, cute, and best of all, they are so squishy!

Better than candy or flowers and just in time for Valentine’s Day, the brand new collectible Valentine edition Squishmallows are the best gifts for kids of all ages. As lovable and huggable as the original Squishmallows (more than 50 million sold, and 400+ characters available), the Valentine squad is the perfect gift to fill hearts with love and affection. The all-new line features more than 10 characters ranging from four to 20 inches in size (MSRP: $3.99 - $29.99, respectively). 

The Squishmallow Mystery Box - Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

These adorable squishy pals were waiting for my kiddos in the Mystery Box!

Squishmallows launched a very special Mystery Box for Valentine's Day, which contained five (yes- 5!!) mystery Squish Squad pals! My kids were so excited to pop open the mystery box and see which new friends would be joining their giant Squishmallows, just in time for Valentine's Day!

A note to parents- the mystery box does show the Squishmallows logo on the outside of the box. If you're wanting this to be a surprise, grab the box and hide it before your kids catch a glimpse. I had hoped to keep it a secret until closer to Valentine's Day, but when UPS brought the box, my three-year-old saw it through the window, and knew exactly what it was. Needless to say, she was over the moon!

A new little baby unicorn squish to love!

Beanie is particularly attached to her Squishmallow. The giant one she already owned really comforted her after her tonsils/tubes surgery a few weeks ago, and ever since, she has cuddled with and slept on it nearly every night. She quickly snatched up the tiny unicorn and the little fox Squishmallows, and set the sweet puppy squish aside for her older brother, who also loves his giant shark Squishmallow.

Since the mystery box contained five Squishmallows, I was able to talk the kids into sharing two of the mystery friends with their cousins. They cannot wait to give the bear and lion to their cousins for Valentine's Day.

Features of the Mystery Box

Who will you get?!? Inside the Valentine Mystery Box you can find a mix containing an 8” Squishmallow, two 12″ Stackables, and two 14” HugMees to add to your squad or share with a friend. Mystery boxes may include Edden the unicorn,  Frank the cat, Tanya the unicorn, Lincoln the lion, Gemma the fox, Belinda the bear, Desirae the dinosaur, Winnie the walrus, Carson the cat, Danny the dinosaur, Reginald the corgi, Esmeralda the unicorn, Sharie the sloth, Pam the pug, Francesca the owl, Francis the lion, Sarah the squirrel, Cookie the flamingo, Maribel the butterfly, or Fifi the fox!

Mystery boxes are pre-packed and do not have an option for customization.


Our entire family loves Squishmallows. I would be lying if I said I never sneaked into my kids' room and grabbed a squish to lounge on. It's actually a great comfort to my constantly aching knee. I want my own adult Squishmallow! That's not selfish, right? Don't forget to show love to your home, with a brand new boiler!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Squishmallows to check out all of their adorable squishy friends! We love to give Squishmallows for all types of occasions- birthdays, get well gifts, or just because! They are perfect for Valentine's Day, and the Mystery Box is such a fun surprise!

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We are proud to feature Squishmallows in our 2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

Do you have any Squishmallows at your house? Which ones do you have, or which ones would you or your kids love to have?

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Have a happy Valentine's Day!

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