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Perfect Timing, but Not My Own

When Sacha and I were married in 2007, we knew that we wanted to one day be parents and raise a beautiful family in our Christ-centered home. While it was once hubby's dream to have a large family, I've always felt that two children would be ideal, a boy and a girl, and preferably, the boy would come first. We were blessed with the surprise gift of a son in 2010 and planned to wait about two years before continuing to grow our family. As it happened, God had other plans, and I learned to be patient, trust in His timing, and remember that our God is faithful.

As badly as we wanted another child, it wasn't affordable for the first few years of our son's life. The older he grew, the closer he and I became... he was my buddy, my sidekick, and the greatest joy of my heart. We did everything together, and I think we both got used to it being just the two of us, though he still begged daily for a baby brother. It broke my heart to hear him asking again and again if God could please send him a brother- someone to play with and love. How do explain to a three-year-old that mommy and daddy simply can't afford another baby? 

I tried my best to ease his concern and promised that if it was in God's plan for our family, he would send a baby brother or sister when the time was right. We took a leap of faith and tried for the second baby we so desperately wanted for years, in the summer of 2015. The following month, I realized I was expecting once again and was overjoyed- for our family, and most of all for our son. Finally, a sibling for my baby boy.

B was protective of his sister from the moment he learned she existed. He sang to my tummy, we read stories to the baby, and he napped right beside me. He never complained when I could no longer pick him up or wrestle with him on the floor. He was too excited for his baby sibling to arrive.

When we found out that we would be having a girl, B was not super thrilled with the idea of a girl invading the family dynamic. After all, mommy was girly enough! It didn't take long, however, after Bean was born, for B to become completely attached to his new best friend. The sweetest moment of my entire life was watching my 5 1/2-year-old son meet his sister for the first time.

It wasn't in our plan for our kids to be spaced so far apart in age. I worried that as they got older, they would have nothing in common, and would have zero interest playing together or spending time together. My worry was all for nothing. I should have known that God would work through my kids the way that only He can, and bind them together for life. It was the desire of my heart to have two children who loved and respected one another and wanted to be friends, as well as brother and sister.

I'm not blind to the fact that there may be times in life where they grow apart, and they are not without wanting to be independent of each other at times, as well. The bottom line is- they love each other with that beautiful sibling love that's been instilled in both of them. I know the love they feel for each other, because it's the same love I have for my own sister, and the same love my husband has for his sister. Siblings... friends... for life. 

It's my belief that when we put our entire faith, hope, and trust in God, we are given gifts that we cannot measure in terms of value. Gifts are God's to give, and they look different for everyone. They can easily be overlooked. Big or small, gifts from God come in various shapes and sizes. 

I hope and pray that you never lose faith in what God can and will do for you in His time. Keep the faith, my friend, and keep on looking for gifts, even in unlikely places.

Praying your new week is filled with blessings, kindness, and love.

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