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Our 5 Favorite Historical Sites in Long Beach, California

There are endless adventures to experience in California. Long Beach, in particular, is a great place to explore.

When you think of oceanside cities such as going on a whale watching long beach tour, historical sites may not immediately come to mind. But, it turns out that there are a lot of historical sites in Long Beach, and they're pretty cool.

Some of these sites are well-known, whereas some are under the radar. All in all, they're worth checking out.

So if you're a history buff who's eager to visit some new locations, you're in luck because we did some research.

Here's our list of five awesome historical sites in Long Beach, California:

1. Herschel Spillman Carousel at The Pike

The Herschel Spillman Carousel is a historic merry-go-round in Long Beach. It has been around since 1920. 

Of course, it has gone through renovations since then (the owners don’t want anyone to get hurt).

This carousel is found in The Pike, an outlet mall with many restaurants and shops. Inside The Pike, not only can you shop and eat, but you can learn some history too!

Just watching the carousel spin ‘round is a fun historical treat. It has three-rows and consists of two chariots and thirty jumping horses. 

Believe it or not, before the carousel found its home in Long Beach, it lived at an amusement park in New Hampshire. It was transported to parks in Missouri, Oregon, and Santa Barbara before settling in Long Beach in 2005.

Besides the Spillman Carousel, there’s also a Ferris wheel outside The Pike. You'll love riding the Ferris wheel because it boasts incredible views of the surrounding city.

But if you'd rather stay on solid ground, the carousel offers some great views, too. You can see the ports, the neighborhood, and even the Queen Mary (which is another historical site we cover in this article).

2. Skinny House

Want to see the thinnest house ever? Head to Long Beach's Skinny House! This well-known house was built on a dare, and today is an impressive city landmark.

If you head over to 708 Gladys Avenue in Long Beach, you can take in this 860-square-foot home that's only 10-feet wide! 

Newton P. Rummonds built the Skinny House in 1932. A friend bet him that he couldn’t construct a house on a 10-by-50-foot lot, and Newton set out to prove the person wrong.

You'll be in awe over this unique and historical home. Even the Guinness Book of World Records pays homage to it. That's pretty cool! 

Check out the Skinny House to see for yourself how tall and skinny it is!

3. American Merchant Marines Veterans Memorial

The American Merchant Marines Veterans Memorial honors merchant seamen from World War II. Statistics tell us that, tragically, around 6,800 civilian seamen died during that war.

A local group of seamen created the memorial. They wanted to honor their friends and all marine veterans who lost their lives during combat.

On the bronze statue are two seamen who are climbing a pilot ladder after rescuing someone in the ocean. The sculpture features a powerful quote that touches all who view this touching landmark (we’ll let you read it for yourself when you visit).

This incredible memorial is a historical site you shouldn't miss.

4. The Queen Mary 

Heading to the Queen Mary is quite the experience. World-renowned for its majestic quality, this historical ship is unlike any boat you’ve ever seen.

Surprisingly the Queen Mary wasn’t always located in Long Beach. It was originally built in Clydebank, Scotland, but eventually found a permanent home in Southern California.

In 1936, the Queen Mary left Southampton, England, for her maiden voyage. Back then, the ship offered dining and dancing, and it still does today! 

Since retiring in 1967, this famous ship has found a new role as a unique hotel and event venue. Oh, and some people report that it's haunted!

5. Koffee Pot Building

If you love unique architecture, then you’re in luck, because the former Koffee Pot is one of the most unique buildings in California.

This small, Victorian-style home has been standing since 1910. It gets its name from the cafe that once occupied it.

The building has gone through many changes since its conception. Although it’s currently painted in neutral tones, it used to be rainbow-colored!

Today, the building houses Salon Benders, a hair salon that creates one-of-a-kind looks and serves as a safe haven for the local transgender community.

Head over to the house to get your hair done and check out a fun historical site! 

In Conclusion

After reading about these historical locations, where do you want to visit first? 

We love the Queen Mary because there’s a lot to do on the ship. If you visit during the holidays, it’s all the merrier! 

Besides the Queen Mary, there are lots of buildings and memorials to explore in Long Beach. In fact, there are so many that you’ll never get bored.

So whether you live in town or are taking a day trip from Los Angeles, get ready to hop in your car and drive to these historical hotspots. Whether you’re a history buff or not, you’ll have a wonderful time checking out these sites!

Author Bio:
Caitlin Sinclair has over five years of experience in managing high-end apartment communities. Her ability to continuously deliver white-glove service to her residents and prospects has propelled her into a successful career that now finds her leading the team at Vicino.

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