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My Current Favorite Cold Brew Recipe

A few times a year I update my favorite method of creating the perfect cold brew! For right now, this is how I have been enjoying my daily cold brew.

Cast of Characters:

I get this CALIFIA FARMS Cold Brew from my local Food Lion. It does not have the bitter aftertaste that most of us are trying to avoid when enjoying cold brew.

Add your desired amount of ice. Next, I either use this dairy creamer, OR, my favorite non-dairy creamer which also changes frequently. Right now, I am enjoying the CALIFIA FARMS Vanilla Almond Milk. I try to limit our family intake of dairy (for a slew of reasons!) but every now and then I change it up and do enjoy a small splash of the cream below.

This almond milk has much more calcium than cow's milk! 

Lastly, perhaps the most important step in my DELICIOUS homemade cold brew is the addition of my absolute favorite vanilla flavored syrup:

The bottle SAYS it is made with natural ingredients, but if you're a 100% organic family, this syrup would not be for you. I take a few shortcuts in my daily life to enjoy a few pleasures and coffee is one of them. I'm satisfied to enjoy a mostly natural, vanilla sweetener. The kiss of vanilla is absolutely perfect! 

Let me know in the comments section if you think you'll try my updated cold brew recipe.
Happy caffeinating!


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