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Mommy is so Proud

The love between a mother and child is like no other.  The bond starts from the moment you expect that you are pregnant.  Now, a mama and a son… that love is unbreakable.  E, is the quintessential mama’s boy.  He has done everything he could in his young life to prove to be a good person in everything he has done.  His humility is astounding in someone so young.   I couldn’t be prouder of the man I raised.

 In two days, E is leaving for basic training.  His high school J.R.R.O.T.C. has prepared him for the life he wants, but the mama in me is a mess.  Is it possible to be sad and happy at the same time?  For more than half my life, I had this person by my side and in 2 days he will be building his life 1080.3 miles away. To say I am proud is an understatement, but a huge part of my heart will be leaving with him. 

E and I have a relationship unlike most mothers and children, because I had him so young.  I grew up with him.  I wanted to be his friend as much as I wanted to be his parent.  I never wanted my son to tell me "I hate you" or " My mom is going to be so mad at me".  I wanted to have an open relationship with him because I wanted him to always know I would be here to support him.  
In second grade he told me he wanted to join the army.  His dream is to help people and right wrongs along the way.  I thought it would be a phase and he would grow out of it.... here we are 12 years later and he is just as determined.

E, you will be okay without mommy holding your hand for this short time.  I will miss you every day but know that I will always be here in your corner.  

This mama will be struggling for the next few months to get into a normal routine without the one person who has been with me through it all in the last almost 19 years. We only have 6 years and 22 weeks to go... let's start the countdown.    


  1. I can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions you must have. He sounds like such a wonderful young man.. be proud mama!

  2. Working to be strong for him. Today he swears in. What a change.


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