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Know more about the Runcorn bridge toll as you pass through this mesmerizing bridge

Runcorn Bridge is the one which flows over the Mersey River and Manchester Canal in England. The bridge is one of the most scenic attractions in England. It is a collection of a number of bridges, which include:
       Mersey Gateway
       Runcorn Railway Bridge
       Silver Jubilee Bridge
       Transporter Bridge

It is the bridge that acts as a connector between Runcorn and Widnes. Built-in the shape of an arch, the bridge is a classic example of architectural mastery. While you pass through the bridge, you need to pay the Runcorn bridge toll to ensure entry into the bridge. Being masterclass artistry, the bridge used to be the sole means of crossing the canal, historically. 
How to pay for the toll?
Paying for the Runcorn bridge can be an interesting experience for you. Though there are many ways to make the payment, the best way is over a telephonic conversation. Don’t hesitate to make a call to the call routing. The phone shall get redirected to the Mersey flow team for payments. 
How much is the toll for cross over the bridge?
The amount of toll depends on the vehicle which you are carrying. Moreover, if you are staying in Halton, you just need to pay the administration charges of 10 pounds. After paying the charges, you can cross the bridge, free of charge. 
The vehicles are classified in terms of class. To get the proper details about the toll, please look at the table below. 

  • Sticker Registered
    Video Registration
    No registration
    Class 1
    Local Bus, Motor Bike
    Class 2
    Four-wheelers (3.5 tonnes, 8 seats)
    Class 3
    Four-wheelers (3.5-12 tonnes, 8 seats)
    Class 4
    Busses and big trucks
Are there any monthly passes available?
Yes, there are monthly passes available for the class 2 vehicle owners. You can have either an unlimited pass or an off-peak pass. 
       Unlimited Pass
o   Monthly charges: 90 Pounds
o   Validity: You can travel over any bridge, any time
o   Monthly charges: 60 pounds
o   Validity: All times during the weekend and public holidays. Specific timings on other days.
Are there any fines imposed on the vehicles?
Yes, there are fines that are charged against the vehicles if certain conditions are not met. If you cross the bridge, yet you have exceeded the period of payment, you are liable to be penalized as high as 40 pounds. Hence, it becomes very important to follow the deadlines of the payment. 
Once you cross the bridge, you must pay the toll by midnight. It will save you from receiving any payment default notice. 
Can we challenge the fines imposed?
On failing to pay the toll after passing through the bridge, you are liable to pay a fine. If you have any suspicion regarding the default notice, you are at your will to challenge the order within 28 days. You can challenge it in the Halton Borough Council. You can receive feedback of your challenge by the next 56 days.  

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