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KaChava Vegan & Plant Based Protein Powder Shakes Buying Guide

Gone are the times when plant-based meal replacements were in short supply. These days there are plenty of them to choose from. Despite the abundance, however, decent vegan meal replacements are still hard to come by. Aside from a few rare exceptions.

Ka'Chava meal replacement is among them. If you've been thinking about meal replacements, look for the best mres on the market. Designed with holistic principles in mind, it comes loaded with dozens of beneficial nutrients and superfoods. And it delivers them as an instant and complete solution that suits the hasty lifestyle of so many people today. Let's get to know Ka'Chava better and find out more about what it has to offer.

Brief Look at Ka'Chava Meal Replacement: What's Inside?

Kachava Plant Based Meal Replacement Shakes are densely packed with all sorts of nutrients by design. With every serving of Ka'Chava, you get immediate access to:

Beneficial nutrients from over 70 superfoods, including greens, herbs, fruits, and veggies.
250 total calories.
24 grams of top-quality protein that comes exclusively from plant-based sources.
7 grams of fat from healthy sources, with no trans fats and zero cholesterol.
Up to 27 grams of carbohydrate in total.
9 grams of dietary fiber and up to 9 grams of natural sugar, making up most carbs.
14 minerals, including major as well as trace minerals.
12 vitamins, covering both water and fat soluble vitamins.
Digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics.

As far as its nutritional value goes, Ka'Chava comes pretty close to being a wholesome meal in itself. Let's take a closer look at what it is about Ka'Chava that makes it so nourishing.

How Does Ka'Chava Manage to Be So Nutritious?

At its core, Ka'Chava meal replacement consists of these key nutritional blends:

Plant-Based Protein Blend Each serving of Ka'Chava has a generous amount of protein to offer, delivering it from supreme plant-based sources. They span organic whole grain brown rice, organic sacha inchi seeds, organic amaranth seeds, and organic quinoa seeds. As well as the mainstay of plant-based meal replacements – pea protein from yellow peas.
Micronutrient Blend Ka'Chava comes with a bountiful supply of almost every micronutrient there is. It includes 14 minerals: from major minerals like calcium and magnesium to trace minerals like zinc and iron. It also covers 12 vitamins: from water-soluble B vitamins and vitamin C to fat-soluble vitamins A and D.
Probiotic / Prebiotic Blend Many meal replacements overlook the importance of proper nutrient absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Ka'Chava makes for an exception, containing probiotics and prebiotics that improve digestion. They include the probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus and the prebiotic fiber inulin.
Digestive Enzyme Blend Along with high-quality meal replacements, a well-balanced diet can be very nourishing. Their effectiveness will be limited, though, if the body can't make use of all the nutrients it gets. Consuming digestive enzymes – like amylase, cellulase, lactase, protease, and lipase in Ka'Chava – help avoid this common nutritional pitfall.

These blends deliver the bulk of nutritional value in Ka'Chava meal replacement. But they're not the ones that make Ka'Chava truly special.

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake: Perks That Keep Coming

The nutritional blends below add to the overall unique potency of Ka'Chava meal replacement:

Omega EFA / Fiber Blend Most fats in Ka'Chava come from flax and chia seeds. Both of them are excellent plant-based sources of omega essential fatty acids. Ka'Chava is also packed with dietary fiber from premium sources like pure whole grain oats and organic acacia gum.
Adaptogen Herb Blend Adaptogens boost the stability of physiological processes that go on in the body, promoting homeostasis and maintaining health. Ka'Chava employs ingredients like organic maca root and organic ginger root to deliver this powerful group of nutrients.
Super-Greens / Vegetable Blend Organic greens and veggies have long been cherished as extremely beneficial for overall health and wellness. Ka'Chava provides access to some of the best among them: from broccoli and brussel sprouts to green pepper and kale.
Antioxidant / Super-Fruit Blend Berries are a rich source of antioxidants – vital compounds that help the body resist oxidative stress. Ka'Chava uses various kinds of berries – like organic maqui berry and organic blackberry – to supply antioxidants in abundance.

Ka'Chava seems to include nearly everything that a decent meal replacement shake should have. Let's see how Ka'Chava meal replacement fares in terms of its safety.

Is Ka'Chava a Safe Meal Replacement to Take?

As opposed to its many alternatives, Ka'Chava uses the ingredients that are:

All-natural Ka'Chava employs natural ingredients for flavoring and sweetness and comes free of artificial colors and preservatives.
Animal-free Being both plant-based and dairy-free, Ka'Chava is a truly vegan-friendly meal replacement that doesn't support cruelty towards animals in any way.
Soy-free Ka'Chava comes without any ingredients from soy, allowing you to avoid the potential adverse effects of soy consumption.
Gluten-free Most people can't digest gluten, which is why Ka'Chava has opted out of using anything with gluten.

As a result, Ka'Chava can be considered one of the safest meal replacement shakes out there. What are we to make of Ka'Chava at this point?

Is Ka'Chava a Good Fit For Your Diet?

Vegan-friendly and densely packed with all kinds of beneficial nutrients, Ka'Chava seems to be ideal for plant-based diets. It boasts generous protein content and offers unique nutritional blends. As a result, Ka'Chava has the potential to enhance almost every plant-based nutrition program.

Ka'Chava also seems to be well-suited for the diets geared towards detox. On top of being free of toxins from animal-sourced and artificial ingredients, Ka'Chava contains no soy or gluten. And it covers an impressive range of adaptogenic herbs and superfoods that help cleanse the body.

Keto diet is about the only type of diet that Ka'Chava meal replacement may not be suitable for. In spite of its merits, Ka'Chava contains relatively high amounts of protein and carbs. And it goes without saying that both of these factors can put an end to your ketosis in no time.

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