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Helping your teen establish good study habits – a simple mom guide

We all want our kids to grow up with good education and a deep understanding of the world around them. We want them to have plenty of career prospects, a good income and to ultimately lead happy lives. So, when your kids become teens and their priorities change from school work to playing video games and socializing with friends, how can you help them get back on track? 

We all want our kids to take their education seriously, but when they’re young and just want to enjoy themselves what is the solution? As a parent, you have the opportunity to nurture and guide your teen so they can embrace their education and do well. They may be of an age where they want their independence, but you can still help them from the side-lines.
Read on for how to help your teen establish good study habits. 
Give them the tools for success
Creating a home environment that is pro-study and encourages education is a great way to start. When you give your child the tools they need to succeed, you're making it easy for them to embrace their subjects and produce high-quality work. Update your laptop and ensure it has the right word processing software available, an apa citation tool will also help. Make sure your printer is working and that you have a good internet connection. Create a quiet environment away from distractions and smartphones so your teen can concentrate and learn to separate their studies from their social lives. 
Visit their school
It’s a fact that the more a parent is involved in school and the more presence they create within their education, the better they will do. By attending parent-teacher conferences, school open days, meetings with teachers and principals and becoming an active member within your child’s education, you’ll be able to understand how the school works, what they expect from your child and how they will support your teen through their time there. Alternatively, if your child is struggling at school with bad behaviour, poor choices and other issues, then getting to know the school and the teachers is certainly a step in the right direction. 
Keep yourself informed
Make sure you’re aware of field trips that are coming up, clubs your child is attending, due dates of papers and assignments. How to contact the school with your concerns, and make sure you know their timetable. 
Boost your teen’s attention span
By instilling good habits at home, you can improve your child’s study habits and give them a greater chance of success. Make sure that they’re getting enough sleep and not up all night playing games or scrolling through social media. Feed them foods high in omega 3 and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, to keep their minds attentive. Encourage them to stay hydrated throughout the school day so they can remain focused in every class.
Offer to help

You may hate math, but letting your child know that it's ok to reach out for help is a positive step towards good studying habits. Assist them with difficult projects and support them through subjects that they're struggling with. They'll appreciate it.

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