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Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! The pink, red, hearts, flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and flowers are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. It is a day to celebrate love. Sometimes we forget how incredibly lucky we are so take a moment to call someone you love and tell them you love them or do something special for someone who doesn't always receive the love he/she deserves. Let today be about compassion and care. 
Ever since I can remember, I have not celebrated Valentine's Day. My husband and I never celebrated and I was okay with it. I saw it as a holiday simply targeted at consumers to spend money on stuff for significant others.

Now that Hendrix is in preschool and has his little parties, I helped him celebrate this week at school. 

I love this craft Hendrix did. He is getting so good at painting and coloring. His favorite color is red so he's loving Valentine's Day activities :)

I volunteered to help with the party and do a little game with the kids. What I do like about holidays is the different themes and variety of activities I can create for Hendrix and Maverick that are different than what we already have. 

Practicing numbers, shapes, letters, and reading is always more fun when it is something a little different. Ta-da! Themes! Throw in some hearts, flowers, pink, red and it is seen as a new activity.

So today will be more of a regular day for our family, but this year, I am remembering those I love that I don't always vocalize my feelings and love or I don't keep in touch enough. 

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

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