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Caring For Your Aging Loved One

If you have an aging loved one in your family, here are a few helpful ways to foster a loving relationship while aiding in everyday tasks.

Aging is a natural progression in life and I think we all hope and pray that we too will be cared for in a loving way, whether that's by our family or caregiving professionals, when we reach those golden years of our lives.

Trying to put yourself in the shoes of your aging loved one is an important way to help address their needs. Most of the time, your loved one that is up in years does not want to become a burden or place extra "work" on anyone in their family. They will often times refuse help and offer many reasons as to why they do not need the extra services. 

It's important to be sensitive to these sentiments as they are coming from a place of sincerity. Independence is a gift that most of us take for granted. When a person reaches a certain age and some dependency is needed, that can be quite difficult to swallow. A little sensitivity and understanding will go a long way. Try having a listening ear and validating their opinions on the matter at hand.

Often times, the one who is to become the caregiver can determine a decline in health before the person actually is ready to admit their own decline. This happens a lot and can be very difficult to navigate. You may notice your aging mother, father or grandparent is in need of certain services or help but he or she may not feel they are ready to accept the help just yet.

Take time with your loved one and gently show them the ways you would like to either help them yourself or hire someone to do so. Reassure them that you will be there every step of the way and that if anything goes awry, you will also help to resolve things and will not leave them stranded. 

When discussing living arrangements, there are a few options to consider. 
Living at home: Many independent senior individuals prefer this for a variety of reasons and home nurse visitation can also be arranged depending on the circumstance. 

Independent Living Communities: There are communities that offer extra services to residents who are not yet in need of assisted living. 

Assisted living: Living within a facility where independence is still valued but extra help is given for many everyday tasks. Senior care Brooklyn home care agency is trained in this type of situation to meet the needs and requirements of your loved one.

Nursing Home: Those who require medical supervision will live in a nursing home where they can be looked after on a continuous basis.

Living with a relative: If you or someone else in your family have availability within your home to invite your aging loved one to move in, be sure you've addressed and weighed all of your options and make sure open communication has been established at the onset. This can come with it's challenges and really must be the right opportunity for all involved. It can also be an enormous blessing to all involved.

If you're preparing to help care for an aging loved one or perhaps you already have begun that journey, you are not in this alone! There are many support groups on Facebook where people are offering their tips and encouragement. Just doing a quick search will provide you with some support if you find yourself in that boat. It can be a challenging but also rewarding experience as you are playing a vital part in making someone's final years here on earth the best they can be. 


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