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Birthday Blooms For Me!

I received a beautiful orchid over the summer.  I have never had this type of plant and wasn't sure how to take care of it.  I asked several friends and got many tips and ended up not feeling very confident that I could keep this plant alive and blooming.  It had many gorgeous blooms that fell off around first of Fall.  I thought that was it for my orchid.
One friend told me that she had several orchids that never bloomed again after loosing their first blooms.  That it didn't die, just didn't bloom again.  A different friend told me that she couldn't find a good spot for her orchid and it didn't make it.  I researched how to care for an orchid and came up with my plan.  I found an indirect, sunny window and I put 3 ice cubes in my orchid once a week.  In December, I noticed some new buds forming on my plant and was so excited.  The buds have gotten bigger and I kept wondering if they were going to open or just fall off.

I got up and had 4 brand new blooms on my orchid.  And still have several more buds that I am keeping my fingers crossed will open.  I am overjoyed that I have done something right with my orchid and it gave me such beauty...and it's my birthday and I'm fine for this to be my birthday bouquet!  

Do you have a green thumb?  Have you ever had on orchid and have any orchid advice?

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. That is really pretty! I have had several and they just never bloomed again! :(


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