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Bad Credit Emergency Loans: What You Need to Know

There are many reasons why someone would need access to bad credit emergency loans. It can range from being unable to secure a loan to not having enough time to go through the approval process of a traditional loan. 
Whether it's an unexpected car repair or a higher than expected bill due before your next payday, it's good to have options. The goal is not to become dependent on them.

Are you considering an emergency loan for people with bad credit? Keep reading for what you need to know before going this route.
What Are Bad Credit Emergency Loans?
For a long time, when people were in need of cash in a hurry their only options were to take out a bank loan, borrow against a 401K, or ask a friend. In most cases, you needed good credit to get a loan. If you didn't have a 401K that option wasn't available, and sometimes friends don't have money to loan.

A new product entered the market, and you can now find the best emergency loans for bad credit that are catered to help people in need. However, these loans can cost you money. When a person needs to get money quick, they tend to overlook the terms.

Here are things to be mindful of.
May Require Collateral
Some bad credit loans will require collateral. A car title loan is an example. A loan of this type requires the borrower to have a clear title to their motor vehicle. The vehicle is then used to secure the loan.
In the event, you are unable to repay the loan your vehicle will be repossessed to offset the debt.
High-Interest Rates
Emergency loans for bad credit will come with higher than normal interest rates. 
On the surface, it may not seem like a lot. Let's take a look at payday loans. A $500 loan may require repayment of $550. It looks like the loan only cost $50 or 10%. The downside is you'll have to repay the money on your next payday.
In too many instances, borrowers have to renew payday loans more than once. They will pay an additional $50 with each renewal for the same $500. One emergency loan can easily end up costing the consumer $100 to $150.
Shorter Repayment Terms
Most bad credit emergency loans are considered a short term loan. Borrowers can have repayment terms of 14 days to six months on average. There are loans that have longer repayment periods. 
Remember, the longer it takes to repay a loan, the more it will cost in the end. This is the most important factor and biggest downfall aside from the possibility of losing your collateral.
Be Smart in Your Financial Decisions
Bad credit emergency loans can be beneficial when used correctly. If you are in need of cash fast and can repay the money on time, go for it. Understand, how much you will repay in the end.
Emergencies can happen any time to anyone. Make a commitment to start an emergency fund today. 

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