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5 Ways to Kid-Proof Your Home

Kids bring a lot of happiness to your home, but they can also bring a little mayhem too. That’s why it’s important to kid-proof your home, which not only helps protect them from injuries and danger, it can also stop your house from getting destroyed. Here are some easy kid-proofing tips for when you move to a new place.

Get on their level and look for dangers
When you get on your knees, you can see your home from a child’s perspective, which allows you to look out for common household dangers. Check whether they can reach blind cords, sockets or can get into cabinets where you keep dangerous chemicals. Look out for sharp corners where an excited toddler could bump their head. Invest in socket covers, corner covers and anything else you need to child-proof the space.

Stainproof your fabrics
From sofas to rugs, there are lots of places where sticky fingers and spills can ruin the look of your carefully designed interiors. Adding a treatment such as Scotchgard gives these items a protective finish, so that if anything is spilled, it’s easy to clean up. It’s worth doing if you want to keep your expensive upholstery looking good.

Choose practical flooring
It’s important to consider the flooring you use in your children’s rooms. Not only does it need to stand up to spills and scribbles, it also needs to be slip-proof to avoid falls. Take a look at A Flooring Boutique who offer a range of colorful options. In the bathroom, you may want to go for a non-slip vinyl or similar, which will make it easy to mop up water and stains, while in bedrooms and playrooms, carpet is cozier and is easy to clean if there are leaks.

Create an open plan layout
Open plan rooms are more practical for children, as it gives them a change to spread out their toys, run around, and use up their pent-up energy. Try to place furniture on the outskirts of a room, leaving plenty of floor space and getting hazards out of the way. When you are redecorating, try to choose furniture that doesn’t dominate the room.

Give them their own spaces
If you’re lucky enough to have some extra space in the house, consider turning it into a playroom or family room. This will allow you to keep your living room as an adult space and have the kind of d├ęcor you want, without having to worry about it getting trashed. There are lots of ideas online for playrooms, and they can usually be created on a small budget. Ideally, you should pick a spacious room where you can install lots of storage space for toys. 

Got kids who are creative? If you are designing a playroom, consider making a messy play corner where they can paint and use glitter, without it getting trodden throughout the entire house. Your kids will love being able to play freely, and clean up will be much easier.

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