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5 Delicious Southern Suppers To Replenish Your Energy

The southern US cuisines owe their popularity to the influence of cultural diversity in the region. Although it started with the Scots, who cherish an age-old tradition of deep-frying their chickens, some African ingredients like mustard, turnips, black-eyed peas and collards have now become quite the staple in numerous southern dishes. 

Before the Civil War, farmers, who raised pork and chicken, were the primary inhabitants of the region. They opted for high-calorie meals to keep them active throughout the day. With time, French, Spanish and Italian ingredients made their way into the southern cuisines, thus contributing to its diversity. 

At present, southern foods are an absolute delight to the natives, as well as the foreigners, because of their high calorific value and incomparable taste. 

Let’s give you an idea about some delicious Friday snacks and meals to boost your energy for a weekend night out. 

Pork Belly Bacon
Cured pork belly, commonly known as pork belly bacon, is one of the tastiest varieties of bacon to savor at the happy hour with a glass of chilled beer. You may have tasted the crispy pork bellies as evening snacks, but this one is surely going to blow your minds. As it’s mostly smoked over low heat on sweet wood, chances are, you won’t suffer from food-guilt later. 

Grilled Pumpkin
Wanting to go low on those calories? Opt for grilled pumpkin coupled with peppercorn marshmallow and roasted pumpkin seeds to give your stomach some rest. Often, Garlic is used as an ingredient in the preparation, thus enhancing the health factor to a good extent. If you’re in the happy hours, you can order a cocktail with it. 

Root Tartare
Spruce up a glass of your favorite wine, beer or cocktail with this amazing veggie tartare. Although beetroot is mostly used to prepare the dish, other vegetables are equally potent in bringing out the flavor. If you really wish to enjoy this dish, it’s during the happy hour miami restaurants offer such savory snacks the best, especially on weekdays. Pick a suitable day within the 'happy hour' to enjoy an exclusive meal at one such reputable restaurant. 

Chicken Biscuits
What is a Friday supper without a plateful of delicious chicken biscuits? It will both pack a punch of protein to your diet and jazz up your drink. You can also order some sun choked Tostones if you still feel hungry after devouring it. 

Salads and more salads
If you’re craving veggies at your supper, you can order a bowlful of gluten-free watermelon salad topped with Farmer’s cheese and garnish with almonds and mint. The Autumn Pear Salad is also extremely delicious when served with sweet potato croquettes. You can accompany the greens with grilled steaks and chicken breasts to leave with a completely satisfied stomach. 

Wrapping it up
It’s wise to make a note of the happy hours at Miami restaurants to get the drinks at half their prices accompanied by inexpensive yet delicious supper items. That’s how you’ll get the much-required boost to enjoy a memorable Friday night out with your buddies. 

Let the southerner inside you get his full without feeling an ounce of guilt and party to his heart’s content. 

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