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3 Ideas to Help Throw a Moonlight Wedding

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Most couples want a unique experience and atmosphere to set the scene for their romantic wedding. Indeed, what's more romantic than reciting your vows in front of your true love while bathing in the moonlight among friends and family?

Thankfully, today there is greater freedom than ever to have your dream wedding under the moon and stars. Couples are creating new traditions all their own instead of holding fast to a Saturday afternoon wedding, with a reception immediately following.
These days, couples want a wedding that represents and embodies the spiritual nature of their romance — and they're shooting the moon to make it happen. You can, too. You may need some help figuring out how to make this nighttime event happen without a hitch. Then again, maybe you do want just one hitch.
Here are four ideas to help you sort out the logistics and throw a safe, happy and dreamy moonlight wedding.
1. Create an Inspiring Wedding Website
Many happy couples yearn for a spiritual experience at their wedding, and they often share their experience through their wedding website. For some inspiration, recall the many romantic adventures down the aisle others have taken before you. Learn from their experience, and apply it to your own nighttime wedding.

Even better, you can create a wedding website to document your adventure in designing your moonlight wedding. Your experience can serve as support and motivation for another couple to do the same. Further, send out your wedding website address to all attendees to keep them updated on the plans and logistics of your romantic event. Share projected weather forecasts and pictures of the venue to give a preview of what guests will experience.

2. Choose an Optimal Outdoor Location and Time of Year
Logistics are a major factor in planning an outdoor event that takes place under the stars. For instance, you may need to forfeit a winter wedding, because you don't want your guests to slip on any ice patches while trying to find their seats.

This type of scenario reinforces the fact that there are more safety issues when planning a wedding with limited lighting and no control over the weather. Since you likely won't be competing for a church or a hall, pick the time of year and location with the best likely weather and safety conditions. Here are a few outdoor options that offer plenty of romance:
Botanical garden
College campus
Wooded forest
Wetlands preserve
Lakeside or riverside

Talk to representatives at each of these locations to discuss the best way to plan a secluded and romantic event under the stars, while enjoying the safety of their grounds. For bolder couples, take your wedding exploits further into nature. As long as your guests know what to expect, and you've created a safe and well-lit space in the environment, you are in for a great, one-of-a-kind experience.

3. Prepare Guests for a Late-Night Reception
Ideally, you will plan your moonlight wedding as early as possible, but you are dealing with nature. The moon shines when it shines. Let guests know that the reception may turn into a late-night affair. Do your best to keep things moving after the vows, so young children and seniors can enjoy the event safely and without fatigue.

Your Moonlight Wedding is Sure to Be Unforgettable
With thoughtful and diligent planning, your moonlight wedding will linger in the hearts and minds of your guests and yourselves for many years to come. By dutifully planning a safe occasion, documenting and sharing your planning in real-time, and making sure everyone can enjoy as much of the event as possible, you are sure to enjoy a romantic and spiritual evening with your true love.

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