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3 Essential Habits That Every Busy Mom Should Know In Maintaining A Clean Home

It takes an average of 1.5 hours for one person to clean a 1-bedroom house if it is well maintained every week. If not, it can take up to two and a half hours, according to The Cleanr. As much as you tidy up your home during weekly cleans, there are places you don’t pay attention to because you are too busy or lack the energy to clean. 

As a result, you forget or avoid those small and hidden places, which gather a significant amount of dirt, dust, and germs. If deep cleaning is something you struggle to keep up with, then following a DIY professional cleaning guide will help you cover tasks you often avoid. 

Deep Clean Carpets
There are several reasons you should deep clean your carpets regularly. Over time, vacuuming and spot-cleaning your carpets cannot restore their clean appearance. Also, dirty carpets are a breeding spot for bacteria and mites. 

It is advisable to hire professional Carpet Cleaning Portland services. Or, you can easily give your carpets a thorough clean by utilizing the right carpet cleaner available on the market. A good deep cleaning machine helps you remove stubborn food stains and drink spills, pet stains, collect pet hair, and neutralize bad smells, leaving your carpet looking appealing and smelling fresh. 

Focus on Hard to Reach Places
Window frames and blinds, air-conditioning vents, behind toilets, light fixtures, and above cabinets are difficult spots to clean. However, incorporating some smart hacks on how to clean hard-to-reach places into your clean up routine can make a difference. For instance, you can easily clean window blinds by using a pair of tongs wrapped with a damp cloth and vacuum window frames to get rid of dust. 

Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer
Cleaning out the fridge is a crucial task that will help ensure you store food safely. Plus, the process is straightforward. Professionals recommend unplugging and defrosting at least twice a year. You may also want to clean the fridge when the frost rises to about half an inch. When thoroughly cleaning your refrigerator, make sure to clean the drip pan, shelves, walls, drawers, and the gasket seal around the doors. 

Remember, hard-to-clean spots are ideal for germs, dust, and dirt to build up, increasing health risks around your home. Therefore, make an effort to deep clean monthly. Don’t overlook carpets, upholstery, over cabinets, air-conditioning vents, and blinds to keep spaces clean and fresh.

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