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Wordless Wednesday- Just a Little Humblebrag

It's just a little humblebrag, but we have dozens of these types of thank you cards and they are as precious to me as the drawings my girls have made over the years. 

We receive cards like these because we have donated to classroom projects on a little site called Donors Choose. We found out about the site by following a few of our girls' teachers on social media and seeing their classroom projects and then we sort of fell down a rabbit hole of classroom projects and have helped as we are able, whether through sharing projects or donating to them. 

If you'd like to find a classroom project to support, you can visit the website directly and search by topic, school, or teacher. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What a great thing for you to do and and it is always nice to get thank you cards. We donate to the local VFW and food pantry. Makes you feel good to make a difference :)

    1. Thank you for supporting your local VFW and food pantry! It does feel good to make a difference.


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