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Food Pairing Choices with Muscadine Wine

Wine and food naturally complement each other, and no great meal is complete without a good glass of wine. Food and wine pairings are fairly easy to follow, and making the right choices can give you the best experience. Pairing is determined by taste and flavor, acidity, the intensity of the meal, and regional origins.
Muscadine wine is all American and comes from the grape Vitis rotundifolia, which is considered a superfood. It is grown mainly in America, particularly in states where it is warm and humid like Georgia, South and North Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida. 

Muscadine wine not only satisfies your gastronomic cravings it also has health benefits. Chemical analysis will show that the grapes which Muscadine is made from have high levels of antioxidants and ellagic acids. These acids help prevent and treat cancer and other viral and bacterial infections. 
Many connoisseurs and chefs who have used Muscadine have talked about its versatility not just as a wine for drinking but also as a wine for cooking.

Flavor Profile of Muscadine
Muscadine wine is extremely sweet, and people who don’t like sweetness in their wines should probably think of choosing another type to consume. The sweetness of Muscadine is almost like candy, making it perfect for the sweet-toothed wine connoisseur
Muscadine can be made either into a white or red medium-bodied wine, featuring a medium to high acidity. The body of a wine refers to the combination of elements, including alcohol and acids, and its texture and weight when swirled in the mouth. 
Both the red and white Muscadine wine has a fruity flavor with hints of sulfur, pine cone, salt, and lime. The best way to enjoy Muscadine is to serve it chilled and aging this wine will not give added benefits in terms of flavor. 
If you want to try out Muscadine to cap your next meal, here are some food suggestions you can consume while sipping on this type of wine. 
1. Spicy Food
Muscadine wine is a great match for spicy food as its sweet taste will help reduce the heat of these dishes. For instance, if you’re eating Indian recipes that have a lot of spicy chilies and curry, then Muscadine is great to wash it down. 
Other cuisines that can benefit from pairing with Muscadine wine include recipes from Thailand that use a lot of lemongrass and chili, and Chinese dishes that feature the aromatic five-spice ingredients.  
2. BBQ Meats
Barbecues are a much-loved tradition, and there is not one idea or concept that dominates what a barbecue is. The style of barbecue is different in each region and country. Red wine is usually paired with grilled meat, but you can serve white Muscadine wine as well.
  • Carolina barbecue - This style of barbecue uses tangy sauces that are sweet and vinegar-based. As a general rule, the wine should be more acidic than the food, and pairing this style of barbecue will be good with the acid-rich Muscadine wine.
  • Texas barbecue - Most Texas barbecue is beef-based with a small amount of vinegar sauce that will be just enough to wet the meat. Texas barbecue is often dry, and its main distinction is its smoky flavor. Texas barbecue will go well with Muscadine wine since the sweetness of the wine will complement the meat, and Muscadine has higher acidity than the barbecue.
  • Kansas City barbecue - Kansas barbecue is known for its slow-cooked meat with a tomato-based sauce and the use of hickory wood to smoke and cook the meat. Kansas uses different kinds of meat, including pork, fish, chicken, and beef. Kansas barbecues can be paired with wines with rich acids like Muscadine to make the perfect gastronomic treat.
  • Memphis barbecue - Pork is the main ingredient in Memphis barbecues, and the sauce is either dry-rubbed or wet. The marinade is often spicy, so it will benefit from a sweet wine like Muscadine to balance the spiciness of the meat with the sweetness of Muscadine.
3. Chicken and fish dishes
It is good to mix and match pairings instead of rigidly following a pairing rule such as white wine for poultry and fish. Having variations enhance the experience and improve the flavor of the dish.
Muscadine wine goes well with chicken and fish, and either red and white can be used in either case, according to chefs in the region of North Carolina. 
Final Thoughts:
Wine is the ultimate companion to a great meal and try something different for the new year. If you want a wine that is quintessentially American, you should try Muscadine wine. Muscadine is versatile and perfect for the gastronome who enjoys a bit of extra sweetness in their meals.

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