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Top Places To Visit In Boise

Boise is the capital city of Idaho and is located in south-western Idaho, along the Boise River. It is a great place to visit and has plenty to offer to tourists. Idaho has exploded in the last decade or so and Boise has turned into an incredible city that is worth checking out on your travels across the country. 

Things to do in Boise
If it is your first time in Boise, there are a few things that you might consider checking out. Given below are a few destinations that might spike your interest. 

Boise River Greenbelt
Boise city is more or less concentrated around the Boise River Greenbelt. You will be able to explore museums in this area if you enjoy history. The city zoo is also located here and boasts of various species of exotic wildlife. Since Idaho offers so many things for new visitors, you might have to take a couple of trips until you get a chance to experience all the different things in this location. The greenbelt itself is a thing of beauty and deserves plenty of your attention.

World Centre of Birds of Prey
The World Center of Birds of Prey is dedicated to ensuring that the damage caused to the natural habitats of different species of birds gets reversed gradually. This involves educating the general public and helping with breeding more birds. These birds are then released into the wild to help them join their wildlife counterparts. The World Center is open to visitors throughout the year. You can get a chance to see the different birds currently in captivity and also get to see a live demonstration about these interesting birds. The World Center is a must-visit place if you are a huge fan of wildlife. 

Old Idaho Penitentiary
The Old Idaho Penitentiary is actually an old prison that was used from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. Although located a bit further from the center of the city, it is worth the visit. You get to have a peek at how prisoners used to spend their days in the prison during the 1800s. The prison is rumored to be haunted and will definitely leave you feeling unsettled after your visit. Although it was not a happy place in the olden days, it gives you a unique glimpse at how things used to work in the earlier days, when technology was not at its peak.

Table Rock
Table Rock is located in downtown Boise. This is a hiking trail popularly used for walking or running. It runs 3.2 miles in length and is popular among tourists and locals alike. Since the length of the trail is only 3.2 miles, it is most suitable for beginners who prefer to hike only occasionally. According to Stewart Realty in Meridian Idaho, it is a favorite spot for families with kids when they visit Boise. It gives you the chance to overlook downtown Boise once you reach the top of the hike. Despite the steep climb, it is a relatively easy hike. If you have an adventurous streak, you can loop around to the Table Rock via the backside and explore the boulders and cliffs as well.

Hulls Gulch Trail/Interpretive Trail
The Hulls Gulch Trail gives you a glimpse of the city and is not located too far away from the city at the same time. The trails start at 8th Street and continue along a creek giving you a mellow start. As you go along the Lower Gulch you will soon reach a bridge that offers you 2 options. You can either head back if you are tired or done with the trail. Or you can continue along the Gulch interpretive trail. The Gulch interpretive trail is 7 miles long, but it gives you the chance to enjoy the serenity as you get closer to nature. You can even reach the upper foothills by continuing the canyon.

Five Mile Gulch
The Five Mile trail is located just off the Rocky Canyon Road. Even though it is a popular trail, you will not find much traffic here. You can start the trail at the lower part which is 1.4 miles in each direction. This will take you along the creek. Once you go back and forth the creek around three to four times you will reach a well-marked road. At the point, you can choose to go back to your car or continue up the steep trail for an additional 1.5 miles until you arrive at Ridge Road. This hike offers you some fantastic views that will remain in your memory forever.

Castle Rock
The Castle Rock is a two-mile hike also known by several names including the Shoshone Bannock Tribes. It is a short hike and is located near Warm Springs near the Old Penitentiary. Once you complete the quick trail, you will be able to get an excellent overlook. Many first time visitors to Boise enjoy the thrill of climbing the rocks along this hike.

Elephant Rock
The Elephant Rock is a short hike that is only half a mile long and not steep either. The hike offers you a chance to climb a uniquely shaped sandstone boulder that resembles an elephant. Tourists often have a blast climbing this rock. Elephant Rock is a great place to visit if you do not have much experience going n hikes. You can even add Cottonwood creek trail to it if you are willing to for an additional half a mile hike.

Dry Creek
The Dry Creek is a fourteen-mile hike that is a great choice for summer months. The trail begins in the middle of the hillsides inside a canyon that leads up to the shaded forests. You will come across many beautiful creeks that are great for cooling down or even dunking your head in. While some people prefer to do the lower Dry Creek, more experienced hikers are willing to climb the two thousand feet to reach Shingle Creek and finally loop back to the starting point.

Stack Rock
Stack Rock is more of an intermediate level hike and also offers plenty of shade along its 9-mile length. The trail passes over the Stack Rock and gives you a view of Treasure Valley, Horseshoe bends and plenty of other beautiful places. 

The above-mentioned are some of the seemingly countless places to visit while in Boise that is totally worth your time. If you are planning for a short stay never miss visiting these. If it’s for a longer time, it’s highly recommended to do some generous exploring of the city and its suburbs. 

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  1. There are so many things to do there, sounds like a fun place to visit! I've never heard of it before, being in Australia!

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