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Tip Tuesday- Make Being Good Your Hobby!

This post was inspired by a conversation I recently had with my friend. We met through a mutual friend, on Facebook, and though we've never met in person, I value my friendship with her a great deal. She has a lot going on, but always makes time to check in on her people, me being one of them, and she inspires me to put in more of an effort to check in on my people. 

The other day I saw a post that made me think of her, so I sent it on in a message. She responded, in her typical way, by saying she hopes we all are (doing) great. I respond that we are and I hope the same for her and her hubby. Her response, which I LOVE, has been stuck with me over the last few days and I've been just mulling over the words:
"I'm good, it's a hobby".  

Now, I'm not going to bore you to tears with the details, but there are days when I am not doing so good.  Anxiety creeps in and doubts form and stress builds up and I am a version of myself that I don't fully recognize- it's scary! When my friend told me her hobby was being good, well damn if I wasn't a little envious. But, like I said, I've been thinking about these words the last few days and I had a lightbulb moment- I CAN MAKE GOOD MY HOBBY TOO!

Some of the ways I've come up with to start my new hobby:
1- Get fresh air daily
2- Count what I am thankful for
3- Plan time during the day for myself so that I can do something I enjoy- reading, doing a crossword, etc.
4- Calling a friend or family member and just touching base

What do you think? If you were working on making good your hobby, what activities would you include? Leave a comment below or catch me on the MBP Facebook Page @mommysblockparty!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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